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The Trials Of Gormon

March 28, 2017
By ThatOneWeeb BRONZE, New Kent, Virginia
ThatOneWeeb BRONZE, New Kent, Virginia
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I look up at T'shogar, aiming his Blade at me, he scoffs for a moment, then thrusts, and I hear a Blade go through T'shogar. -One Hour Earlier-
I see Fruia my Best Friend approach me with a smile on her face, "We both gained entry into the Trials Of Gormon!" Her face goes as red as an apple while Tade approaches. Tade replies, "I go to the Bathroom and I come back and we gain entry." I reply to Tade with confidence in my voice, "We'll be the best in the Trials! I mean they just started!" Fruia replies, "Don't be to certain we may have been good in Three Versus Three Matches, and the Trials are like this, but remember, more people are playing Brutes. So stay out of they're way Toshigo." I reply, "Well let's at least not be late!" We all run to the emission stage. It’s crowded and you can see a hundred people lined up, most are Low Staters, only joining this because of the new content. But some are Medium Staters, and a few High Staters. Some you’ve met in 3v3 Matches. Like Team Fictic, which are full on Brutes. With some Exotic weapons, they will make a deadly adversary. You have your Twin Saxes, which you received from a Gladiatorial Package. As your team approaches Tade says, “Since our team just focuses on Stealth and Stalking your prey, I think we should use our Stealth abilities and pick them off one by one, I mean they have to be revived anyway.” Fruita in response, “Makes sense, but watch those Revives. As well, our team only snipes, so you should get some easy Domes.” “What are we waiting for? Let’s go!” We enter the portal in a waiting room with our enemies, we look at their stats and figure out they are Low Staters. After watching their games, we see that they do Rush Tactics, we know that we need to split up and do a coordinated attack. Even a Low Stater can beat you if you are careless. The game starts, placing Fruia, Tade, and Me into Live Combat. Each team on different sides of the map. But the team leaves and we have to wait for another. Tade in an expression of disgust, “Low Staters are to scared they leave. I hate them.” Fruia replies, “We were all Low Staters once.” I but in saying, “Guys, were facing Team Gogna.” Both of them are in panicked expressions. They say in unison, “TEAM GOGNA?!” I reply, “Yes, but we just have to show them that we are the better Stalkers of Prey. Tade replies, “So, it’s a stealth battle, so sniping is out of the picture, we have to get assassinations.” Team Gogna loads in and we prepare for the fight of our lives.

We load in and immediately hide, and stay quiet, you only get one match and the game is over, so you must play safe. I hear a footstep on leaves to my left and I immediately turn to see it. I see the player, Team Gogna must be doing a carry. “On the first day?” I think to myself, but as the Low Stater goes under me I leap down and quickly and quietly take him out. As I watch the Revive, two figures leap out at me and start slashing, I parry and block when it’s possible, but mainly dodge, seeing one goes for the revive, I throw a Throwing Knife and get him in the body, 120 Damage, “Dang should have gotten a headshot.” The one I threw the knife at in a rage comes at me, my team on the other side of the map, at best will get here in a minute. But I would be a goner if I waited, so I did counter-attacks getting about 70 Damage on both. Fogtar out of stamina, swings his sword at my arm, but I parry and catch him in the neck. He goes down, T’shogar is left, but he is a Brute for Stalkers. He parrys every swipe I make, and catches my arm, throws me on the ground and disarms me. I look up at T'shogar, aiming his Blade at me, he scoffs for a moment, then thrusts, and I hear a Blade go through T'shogar. “Got to you just in time.” Says, Fruia in a heavy pant.

The author's comments:

I might as well put in a Dictionary about the words. 

Brute: Someone who plays a Brute and rushes in without a plan.

Stalker: Someone who plays a Stalker who plans and hides.

Low Stater: Someone with Low Stat gear.

Medium Stater: Someone with Medium Stat gear.

High Stater: Someone with High Stat gear.

Trials of Gormon: Game mode in which players fight to get exclusive gear after consecutive wins.

Dome: Headshot

Carry: Getting someone consecutive wins without them contributing.


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