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Fanged Lolita (Chapter 1)

October 3, 2016
By Your_Apathetic_Basketcase ELITE, Orlando, Florida
Your_Apathetic_Basketcase ELITE, Orlando, Florida
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I walked into the room, and was bound by chains. My mouth was in a gag, and I could hardly breathe. My porcelain legs were slashed, and my face was ridden with dirt.The lacerations on my chest may as well be infected, for I was not able to bathe in days.

My name is Lolita Bordeaux. I refuse to tell you where I had come from, just as I refuse to tell you my age. You would only call me a liar.

My long blonde hair is rather chaotic, and has a red tinge because of the blood that has been drenched over it, from being beaten. I wish I could tie it into a bun, rather than have it in my face, but my hands are tied together, and I couldn’t move a finger if I tried. I can’t stand the knotted dreadlocks that have formed due to neglect.

The stars do not align as far as I can tell, I have no one to call my family, and no religion to make me guilty for what I have done in my life. This means I live free, but there is a heavy price over my head.

I am a vampire, but the thing is… these humans are stupid. They believe that I am a witch. I would love to see their race plummet until there was nothing left but the lonesome earth and it’s moon.

Maybe I can give them what they want. What they don’t know, is that I can break these chains at any given minute. They just haven’t seen my true colors. I am waiting for the right time to show them who Ms. Lolita “the Witch” really is, and what she is made of.

This life is a bore, following around these humans and watching them think they have the last laugh. I may be on death’s row… but I will be the one laughing in the end.

I sit down at the table, there are guards surrounding me with weapons. I just smirk and cross my arms over my chest.

“You may think of me as you want, but you are far from the truth. If you would open your eyes to see-”

The man looked at me with amusement and anger written on his face. His wrinkled forehead tells me he made perplexing faces often, considering he is young-ish.

“Hush, puppet. That is all you are. I control where you move,  what you eat, and even when you sleep. So you do as you’re told, or else your throat will be slit tonight.”

“I hope you know that you cannot make me submissive, no matter what you say to me.”

My face had remained stoic, as his grew with rage.

He motioned for the guards to carry me away. I yelled down the hall as my screams became far, and obsolete, until nobody could hear my voice carry, and I was brought back to my small cell.

I chewed on my gag, and spit out my dignity. I gnawed on my pride and swallowed my hatred. For I knew in a few hours, everything would be okay…

He is coming to rescue me.

Oh, for I long to see his face again. He too is a vampire like me, he too is the only one who can save me now. He is drawing near.

His name is Damien Romero. I liked to call Damien by a nickname too. I loved calling him Bones. I couldn’t tell you why if you asked. He just used to tell me all the time. “Bleed them dry, all you leave is the bone. We can use the bones to mend our fire.” And ever since then, I called him Bones.

I smelled the scent of the wooded pine, and I knew he was close. His house is was out in the woods, and he lives undetected. Every time a hiker would come by… he would lurk in the trees, drawing them out, he feeds on fear. And that is exactly why I like him.

I hear a slight impurity in the building and I know it is my time. I break off my handcuffs as soon as I hear the first victim’s scream.

I swooned, for I knew that my love came to rescue me today. I ripped off my gag, and fixed my hair as best that I could.

I kicked the door three times, I heard the lock bust, and when I cracked the hinges, and cracked the cuffs over my knees. It was my time to shine… Not literally, vampires don’t shine, those are demons. Do not confuse the two.

I carefully went out of the cell, and I ran into someone, someone tall and warm. As I looked up… my heart melted.


He smiled and hugged me. I kissed him quickly and then pushed him away. “We have to get moving, or else they will call for help. He led me down the hall, and I heard something that I reckon to be an explosion.

I had a blank look on my face.

His face went dark, as he pushed me into a wall.

They were hunting us, and they wouldn’t stop until we were burned alive.

The author's comments:

I just started writing this, but I don't know if I should continue. Let me know if you like it guys. I want to have feedback and it would be nice to know if I should continue. Thanks :)

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