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Mission: Failed Part 3

September 9, 2009
By PrototypeOrange BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
PrototypeOrange BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
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A few hours later, Phil finally struggled to stand up. He was all alone. It was dark. He couldn’t see anything. There were no more cars on the road. He tried to remember who he was and what had happened….. It finally came back to him. Leader did not tell him what would happen after he pressed the blue button. ‘I guess Leader doesn’t want me anymore,’ Phil thought to himself. That’s when he saw a car blaze down the street, passing right by him. Inside it, Phil saw someone that looked just like him in the passenger seat.

“But you’re supposed to be dead!” the man blurted out, staring at Phil. Phil’s twin just stared at the two. “What’s going on,” the twin asked. Phil looked over at the twin. “Who the heck’s idea was this?!” Phil asked as he pointed the gun at the twin. “Don’t shoot him,” the man told Phil. “We need him to take after you!” “Why does he need to take after me?” Phil asked. The man stared at Phil. “Because you’re too weak now,” the man replied. “Now just give me back the gun, and everything will be all right.” “All right for you,” Phil replied. “I’m smart enough to know now what you people think about things. If I hand you the gun, you will kill me, and head on your way with that copy of me, because that’s what ‘Leader’ planned.”

The man just stared at Phil. The time changed to 9:00 P.M. Phil’s copy started screaming. He soon fell down dead on the ground. “YOU IDIOT!” the man shouted. Phil slapped the man. “I’m only 3 days old,” Phil said, “But I’m smarter than you’ll ever be. You see, now you can’t control me. Leader can’t control me. Take a look at who’s holding the gun. You are in no position to call me an idiot.” Phil shot the man on the foot.

The man started screaming in pain. He grabbed his foot and started hopping around like a one-footed jackrabbit. “That will be your head next time you tick me off,” Phil said. The man fell down and started crying. Blood ran down his foot. “Wimp,” Phil muttered as he walked away.
A few days later…..

“Leader, Leader!” the man yelled as he ran into the room. Leader turned to face him. “What is it?” he asked. “Prototype ‘Blue’ is still alive!” the man shouted. Leader was shocked. “Kill him,” Leader said. “Do anything you can to kill him. We MUST go as planned. We still have prototype ‘Brown’.” “No we don’t,” the man replied. “’Blue’ stopped them and kept them in the road past 9:00, so we pressed the button 5 times and killed him.” Leader was terrified. The plan had never gone wrong before. He no longer had control over Blue, and did not have any more materials to make a new prototype. “Find prototype Brown’s body,” Leader said, “and bring it back here.” “Yes sir,” the man replied, and ran out of the room.

Phil looked at the dead body of his clone. He decided that if people saw the dead body and then saw Phil, they might run away. Nobody would ever help him. He decided to dispose of it. He threw it onto the street, and waited for another car to come. SMASH! The robot corpse burst into pieces, many of them catching fire. The driver started to walk out of the car to investigate. Phil was nowhere to be seen.
A few days later…..

“WHERE IS IT?!” One of the men shouted. They had followed the Prototype Brown tracking signal, and it had led them to this exact spot. They couldn’t find the body anywhere! “Over here,” a man shouted,” I think I found something.” The group ran over to him. He was standing above what had once been the arm of Prototype Brown. “His body must’ve been destroyed or somethin’,” a man said.

All of the people looked at each other. “What do we do now,” a man asked. “Should we tell Leader?” “I guess,” another man answered. “It looks like we’re done here.” The group shuffled back into the helicopter.

Phil did not know what to do. He couldn’t understand what anyone was saying around him. He wanted to go back to America, but did not have any money. The area was just as bad as America was, maybe worse. ‘Maybe I should go to that building,’ Phil thought to himself. He still remembered the address. He could try hitchhiking and maybe find someone that spoke English to help him.

He went back to the side of the road, and stuck his thumb out. He started moving his hand left and right, and stared at the passing cars. The first car was full of German teenagers. They were all sticking their head out of the window. “Schößling!” one of them called out. The rest of them started cackling like crazy.

Phil had no idea what it meant, but it made him really mad. He started running after the teens’ car. One of the teen’s looked back, and saw Phil running after them. “Hey ist Jungs, er versucht, uns zu Fuß zu fangen!” The teen said to the others. They all looked back, too, and started cracking up. They were laughing too much to realize that Phil was actually gaining on them.

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