Titanic Undead

By , Jonesboro, AR
Charles Rosenberg, a nazi scientist who is on board the Titanic is secretly conducting experiments in his private suite, is working on his latest work to try to make a vaccination to make someones brain stay active after death to try to make someone immortal. Since he’s been working on it for a while now he is almost complete and he realizes that he is on the verge of finishing. However if the vial is completed it must be injected within 15 minutes of completion, because the chemical bonds will break eventually causing the vial to become unusable. Rosenberg although finishes his concoction and has to inject himself before it is too late. He locks his door so no one will disturb him while he tries his vaccination. There is no turning back now Rosenberg has to inject himself right now. He lays down on his bed and begins to let the vial trickle into his bloodstream. While he is doing this he drinks Cyanide to see if he can keep his brain active. Rosenberg lays there for about thirty minutes feeling unchanged and is starting to believe his vial is successful. He then begins to become very exhausted he thinks it’s probably from all the hard work he has done today. He falls asleep, while he is asleep he becomes unconscious and does not wake up the next morning before the deckhand comes to his room to see if he would like breakfast delivered to his room. The door is locked and there is no response from Charles’s room. The deckhand heads back to the staff quarters to get clean sheets for his room. He goes and unlocks Rosenbergs room and is in awe when he see’s him on the floor unconscious. He walks over to Charles’s body and turns him over to see his rapidly decomposed body, what he didn’t know is that Rosenberg’s brain is still active, Charles’s undead corpse opens it’s mouth to let out a effortful yell and bites the deckhand in the throat. The deckhand has now inherited being still active in the brain after his body has stopped functioning. The two now corpses now are on the loose on the boat waiting to feed on any unlucky passenger or member of the crew that crosses their path.
Lilly, the ship's, captain’s daughter, who is eleven years old, is wandering about the ship when she spots one of these undead creatures. She is deeply frightened, she runs to her father and tells him what she saw in the living quarters downstairs. He sends a security team down to check it out. When the security team arrives to the living quarters they at first don’t see anything, there are many open suite doors a team enters one of the first rooms guns drawn. Three security officers open the bathroom door to see an undead zombie-like creature in the bathtub. The corpse gets up and starts to charge the guards, the officers open fire and hit the zombie in the head piercing the brain causing it to perish. As they run out of the bathroom they are cornered by a horde of seemingly the whole downstairs living quarters, who have all been infected. One of the guards radios for help, while they try to fight their way out of this trap. They kill only a few of the undead before they are all infected themselves. It is now apparent that there is something very wrong on this ship. The security team now sends in a squad of about fifteen to twenty guards. Equipped with shotguns, assault rifles, pistols, and military knifes. Also a few passengers join in to help equipped with just random items they have found in their room. The makeshift task force entered the sleeping quarters to find it fully infested with the undead. The task force didn’t last long, the undead killed them off faster than they could even get started.

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