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Drew's Mind (Perspective)

April 27, 2013
By coolman907 SILVER, Plattsburgh, New York
coolman907 SILVER, Plattsburgh, New York
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"In life everything is connected in some shape of form. This is what judges your upcoming future." - Myself

The majesty of the humongous ship is immeasurable to my perspective.

History shows this ship being the second largest ship since the Titanic.

From my own vision it is 300ft from the water, and the water crashes with a mighty roar.

An unsuspected crash makes everyone panic, many of the cries of passengers cause suspense.

I strive among the passengers to find my only protection, mom and dad.

Unfortunately this predicament gets me nowhere; I am only 150ft to the water.

Adrenaline spreads throughout my body. It couldn’t keep still.

My dive makes time slow from my own viewpoint. The body feels weightless and paralyzed.

The crashing of the water causes my character to bury in the layers of the water.

Creatures beneath spread spine-tingling terror in my own sub-conscious.

I fight through the endeavors of the deeps.

My own figure keeps me agile and adaptable to the environment.

The palms have hanging branches. The heat gradually increases on this island.

Many mysteries lie in the depths of the deep, sinister woods.

Horizon stays beautiful, with the glistening water that reflect from the sun.

Sunsets are most beautiful at the right time, when the sun hits right above the horizon.

Attempts to be rescued from this island seem to be hopeless, as I scour around the island.

The cavern creaks mysterious theories and outcomes of what can happen next.

Diving into the water brings me great fears, being able to rise and survive or lie dead and float up to the surface of the water with the calling of silence.

It’s an ill-lighted cavern which causes all my emotions to be gloomy; I still venture on though.

Seeing a deceased hiker has dumbfounded me, the rotting bones and flesh show the darkness it holds.

Luckily the hiker’s flashlight can illuminate the mysteries that are unfolding in this cavern.

The backpack has useful dried food to keep me nourished with the journey.

Eating in the cavern is quite suspenseful; any creature can lurk upon you and catch you by

The bright white circle of the underground chamber brings me great delight.

I start to pick up my energy and dash right out of the cave; until a few bats greet me.

The darkness of the cave is blocking my views of paradise.

I slap through the obstacle of the flying creatures, it struggle me on going through the tunnel.

It is great blue sky, sea gulls cry, and the water crashes with a mighty roar.

When I progress through Paradise Island, temperature rises to its peak.

My muscles ache, hyperthermia and dehydration increases.

Vultures circle around the sky; it was sinister to my own well-being.

It makes me struggle to keep going still, but ended up falling into a deep sleep.

The REM cycle is starting to pick up in my twilight zone, but I catch it at the right time before I lie low.

For a moment, a vulture is pecking out the energy from me. I swipe it out of my way and it cries among the hot sun.

I am groggy, my head throbbing, and the energy is escaping from me.

Once I get into the Arctic zone, I grow more rapidly relaxed.

The snow blizzards across my face. After five minutes in the snow my fingers start to move slower.

After fifteen minutes, my lungs have a hard time to get oxygen.

When I get to the last resort, I start to pass out and this time I will be out of existence.

Before I die, I see the Arctic waters with chilling temperatures among the great, gargantuan glaciers.

The author's comments:
The character Drew was somewhat like Altai, but in a more reality sort of sense. Drew shows the humanity struggles that can happen in the real world, while Altai shows the true courage you can unleash.

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