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Akanes Prophecy; Her Oblivion

October 9, 2009
By Not_Your_Ordinary_Girl BRONZE, Apex, North Carolina
Not_Your_Ordinary_Girl BRONZE, Apex, North Carolina
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The sun was close to setting and was turning in to nightfall. Akane wither her dark amber black hair was blowing in the chilly wind and with her purple cape. The clouds in the sky were grey and was heavy with rain, ready to fall on the village.

“Let the day end!” she mumbled in desperation, it has been a day since from the underworld came after her and warned her that on her birthday her prophecy will be fulfilled. What was she to do? The Queen Witch taken over the Kingdom of Susumu and couldn’t do anything about it; the Witch killed her father and mother so that her father could destroy this village, this world. Now that she told her friend, the only one that understood her, has now kept away like the other villagers.

”Whatever I try to do it won’t help; my prophecy will come true,” she thought to herself, frowning upon the thought. Akane sat down with her legs criss-crossed and with her hazel eyes concealed by her eyelids, she began to meditate planted on the grass, now feeling rain drops beating down on her pale skin. The wind was blowing fiercely and Akane felt something inside of her that was trying to get out. It was a feeling she has never felt and she knew it was time.

As everything came back into sight, Akane found herself as a young girl walking in a place where the sky was red, the soil was black, and plants were dead, it was a place she didn’t know. Her cape was no longer purple, it was blood red and her hair is no longer long. Finding a village with the house roofs in a blaze, she walked into a house not even close to burning and her face became disgusted. The room had people laying on the floor dead and the walls in blood, almost like it was painted onto them. She backed away and found that the roads were covered by villagers and their blood.

Walking over the dead bodies and she was sure that her boots were now covered in blood, she walked to the lake that was south from the village and instead of water she saw smoke arising from a lake of lava. In it she saw a red demonic giant with hair flowing into the hot and foul air, this figure had four eyes and in the middle of them were pure black pupils. It was her horrid father, Nao. From him a demonic laugh came from him and a black light came from his hand that was pointed to woods made of dead and worn out trees. Akane didn’t understand what was going on. Why was she here? A shriek came from the woods and it was coming close to Akane.

Minutes went by hearing the scream, she saw a tall figure come from the trees, it was a girl. Squinting she saw the girls face, scared, bruised, a bloody nose, and a bloody brow, but behind it the girl looked familiar, but she couldn’t recall why. The brown haired girl stopped in front Akane and stared at her in confusion.

“Why aren’t you running,” she paused and looked harder at the little girl she saw and recognized her face, “Akane?”

The demonic laughter came once again, but closer and before they knew it Nao was standing in front of them, “I see you have met my little girl Hiromi,” he said in a raspy voice, echoing from everywhere, “I’m proud of you Little Ai, letting your prophecy fulfill.”

Akane just stared at her father who was smiling showing his sharp and pure white teeth and back at Hiromi, “who are you?” she asked her. Hiromi’s crystal blue eyes pierced at Akane, showing the sadness she felt, not understanding why she didn’t know her, “why am I here?” she asked again, the words made Hiromi’s heart hurt.

“Don’t you remember me Akane?” she asked, kneeling down before her, holding her shoulders, glancing into her empty eyes, finding nothing.

“Of course she doesn’t,” Nao laughed, “now that I’m here she can’t remember nothing about you or why she is here,” smiling more, almost into a smirk.
Ignoring the demon’s comment, Hiromi tried hard to get Akane to remember, “Wake up! Can’t you remember me Akane? It’s Hiromi. Your friend that was always here for you and understood you. Remember?” she shook her, but her pale face didn’t smile in delight to see her or remember her, Hiromi’s heart ached more.

“You both shall die here and now, leaving from this realm,” Nao said in a darker toned voice, stretching out his arm and his fingers out. Hiromi quickly picked up Akane, holding the back of her head and she began to run away. The dark power came at them destroying the Earth’s surface and crumbled close to them as they ran.

“Why do you save me?” Akane’s soft and firm voice muffled with her head into Hiromi’s shirt.

“Because we’re friends, Akane,” running into the woods of dead trees she put down Akane, taking out a bag that was tied to her belt, shaking it rapidly upside down to get something out. Soon a white glowing light came before them and a white diamond was in Hiromi’s palm, “it’s yours. You gave this to me to hold. You told me to keep it safe no matter what; it’s the Diamond of Light,” she assured.

“The Diamond of Light?” Akane asked, putting her small fingers to it.

“Yes,” she held her hand up to Akane and told her to take it back, smiling.

“I remember,” she said firmly and extended her fingers to grab a hold of it, but suddenly Hiromi was thrown to the ground by the dark power, there was no movement then. Hiromi’s eyes were open in fright and she was no longer breathing; Akane ran to her and put her ear to her mouth. There wasn’t any breathing; she couldn’t do anything about it; Hiromi was dead. Akane felt something moist and warm against her ear, feeling it with her hand and smelling it she generalized it was blood. Hiromi died from blood clotting in her throat quickly, her veins were ruptured and blood flowed out of her mouth onto the ground.

Akane grew angry at her father, taking the white diamond to the palm of her hand and ran out of the woods, revealing herself to Nao.

“You insolent daughter, why do you come out when you know that you will die?” he looked down at her seeing her face disturbed in agony of the loss of Hiromi.

“You killed mother, the villagers, you killed Hiromi, and now you want to kill me?! You monster!” she yelled, the color of her cape slowly turned back to the color purple and her hair grew longer, she was no longer naïve as she was before.

Nao ignored her, “you’ll no longer will need to understand, for you will be dead joining your friend in another realm.” Once again Nao held out his arm and began to make his fingers grow out in the sky, the red sky became black and lightning struck down. Nao smiled and aimed his black power at his own daughter as she clutched the white diamond and threw back light power against him. As the power between light and dark filled the air and worked its way through, a voice called to Akane.

She felt the touch of soft hands against her shoulders, “you can do it, my daughter. You can defeat your father and the world will become like it was before,” the voice made her realize that she wasn’t alone, her friend and mother was there all along. The power of light grew stronger and the dark power got closer to Nao’s hand.

“No!” Nao yelled, throwing all his will power into darkness, but the light side was already destroyed him; his red skin was turning into crisp. The sky was clearing and showed the stars and the silver moon. They sky filled with the white diamonds light and soon disappeared with Akane’s father dead.

She opened her eyes and she sat there with her legs criss-crossed and her long hair swaying in the chilly air. Everything was normal, for now.

The author's comments:
What really inspired me to write this was my creative writing teacher, but as soon as I got into the assignment, I wanted to get into it. I do hope people will enjoy this short story. It may not be very understandable, but I'll fix it.

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