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March 6, 2012
By kyrireese GOLD, Dallas, Texas
kyrireese GOLD, Dallas, Texas
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I didn’t have time to think as I bounded down the street. China Town was the worst place that this could be happening, the worst place for the Seekers to finally show up. But that didn’t matter now, I could think about it all I want but it wouldn’t change that I was running for my life, maneuvering through people at a high speed. I pressed my communicator on my wrist and it turned red.

“Chase. Rank, Ace. Position, China Town. I’m requesting immediate back up. Seekers are presently pursuing me. Back up now.” I reported into my communicator before leaping over a cart of cabbages. I heard the angry Chinese being yelled at me from behind. “Sorry!” I yelled, not slowing. Up ahead and to my left I saw the entrance to an ally. I whipped a left and continued down the ally, my breath quickening as the toll of running was bearing down upon me. My instincts told me I hadn’t escaped the Seekers, not the least bit. That was confirmed when I hear a ear piercing cry from behind me, then a shot of blue light that followed. Feet. I thought and I jumped up high and watched as the shot of blue plasma soared beneath me and ran into the fence ahead. I was still in the air when the second shot was fired, this one was purple, and I had seen what the purple could do and I didn’t delay to wall jump from the wall closest to me, over the fence, finishing my performance with a 10-point land. I didn’t stop to pat myself on the back for my landing, as soon as I hit the ground I was running again. I tapped my communicator again. “Back up, I’m requesting back up from Group 11. Jasper where are you?” I yelled angrily as I jumped over trash bins and dodged stray dogs. I heard this time a low-pitched moan, and my heart skipped a beat. I knew this sound the best out of all the rest; it was the plasma that killed my partner Ingrid just a month ago. The yellow ball of light was shining brightly behind me as I ran faster and faster to evade its reach. I felt the electricity radiating from the ball of light behind me, touching my back and slashing into it like whips. The sting was unbearable, but I had to keep running. I closed my eyes and sent up a prayer, Dear God, please don’t let me die here. And just before I could say Amen, there was the sound of a helicopter’s blades swooshing around from above. I looked up and saw a navy blue helicopter with the white letters of Group 12 on the side. I blinked in confusion, Didn’t I ask for Group 11? A red light flashed from the helicopter, meaning I had two minutes to enter the vehicle before they left me, no back up, just an escape route. I cursed headquarters for making me look like a coward for running away. I looked down at my left forearm and I brushed my right hand down it until it glowed with numbers. I pressed in my code, 2-5-3-1, and I felt my back burn as my wings grew and flexed beneath my skin, finally popping out after they were the right size. I took a deep breath and flapped them once, and I was rocketed into the air, heading towards the helicopter at a wicked speed. I was twenty feet away from the flying escape vehicle when I turned around and pulled out my gun. I spoke my command, “Set plasma to green.” And then I fired ten rounds into the black shadows below, watching with greed and pride as blue blood spurted out from their wounds. I grinned maliciously and entered the helicopter. I heard a voice yell,

“Clear. Move out.” And the copter whizzed away.

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