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Hollywood's Bloody Secrets Chapter 4 Driving

May 16, 2010
By GraceGallows PLATINUM, Plainville, Massachusetts
GraceGallows PLATINUM, Plainville, Massachusetts
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Metro woke up at 6:00 AM. He looked next to him and saw Sydney peacefully sleeping with a smile on her face. She looked gorgeous. Her long straight black hair covered a side of her face, her close to purple eyes were shut showing her eyelids. Her eyelids were that sparkly-purple color of eye shadow, even though she wasn’t wearing any. Metro thought she was perfect. He had met many girls in the past, all of them he brought to Joe with no second thoughts. As far as he was concerned it was just another girl no one cared about. Just another person overpopulating the earth. Sydney was different though. Metro cared about her. He didn’t want to bring her to Joe so he could murder her in a way that seemed to be just a freak accident. Although there was nothing he could do to stop it.
An hour after Metro’s waking Sydney opened her eyes. Metro was looking at her and smiling. “What's going on? Why are you frowning?” Sydney questioned him.
“Nothing that can be stopped”
Sydney had no idea how to reply. She didn’t know what he was even talking about. All she managed to say was a simple “Oh.”
“We should get moving, we have a long day ahead of us. We want to at least get through three states a day.” Met said packing the camp equipment. “Need any help?” Sydney asked. “No, no I got it, just got to bring it to my truck” he replied.
His truck was parked about a half a mile away. It looked pretty old, it’s once bright red paint was faded and chipping. There was a dent in the back of the old vehicle. He threw the stuff into the back and sat down in the driver’s seat. Sydney opened the door and sat down on the passenger’s side.
“If you were wondering Sydney, I do have a drivers license, got it about a month ago, on my sixteenth birthday.” Metro explained.
“I wasn’t wondering, but alright” Sydney replied.
“Or…were you?” Met asked jokingly.
“Do you want me to say yes?” Sydney asked laughing a little.
“Please do!!!” Metro asked begging like a little puppy.
“Well, I have more important things to wonder about…” Sydney replied cautiously.
“Like…?” Metro replied with a sparkle in his emerald eyes. “
Nothing, never mind” Sydney said blushing some.
“Well, maybe I am wondering about something too” Met replied.
“What are you wondering?” Sydney asked. “I’m wondering if I ever could have a chance to go out with someone as amazing as you”
“Amazing? Me? Yea right, there’s nothing amazing about me” she replied.
“What? Everything about you is amazing! Your eyes, your smile, your voice, your presence, everything” Met replied
“You really think so?” Sydney asked. “Of course I do, now I have a question for you Sydney” Metro said.
“And that question is…?”
“Will you..Umm, will you go out with me?” He asked.
“Yes!” Sydney replied happily.
Then the moment was ruined by a phone call. A phone call from Joe Carter. “What?” Metro asked annoyance clear in his voice.
“I would like you to take the b**** to train B at the nearest station, you should not get on that train though I warn you, just the girl” Joe said.
“She’s not a b****”
Joe hung up.
“Well, we have a train to catch.” Metro said coldly.
“A train?” Sydney asked.
“Really? You don’t know what a train is?!”
Sydney just shrugged. Metro laughed as they drove off to the station. The ride was nice, Sydney looked out the window and saw the small houses passing by, and trees and everything wonderful about this new world she recently discovered. She didn’t know how much she was missing out on.
“When we get to the station, go to train A, an stay as far away from train B as possible, you hear me?” Metro said to Sydney.
“Mhmm” she replied.
What had he done, he always obeyed Joe’s rules. He was going to be in deep trouble because of this. He could only imagine what terrible things Joe would do to him. Then Metro had a thought. Maybe Joe knew he would go to train A instead. Maybe it was all a trap.
“You know what, how about we just drive, it will be safer.” He said nervously.
He couldn’t stand the thought of losing her. She was important to him, why? He had no idea, all he knew was that he was 100% in love with Sydney Australia.

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