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October 1, 2009
By Kristen Thompson BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
Kristen Thompson BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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It was a warm July evening and the red orange sun was just about to set behind the short waving green grass on the high hilltops in distance. Billy-bob a shorter, brown haired, athletic boy and his close friend and high school basketball teammate, Albert, a tall, dirty blonde athletic teen, were jumping up and down on Billy-bob’s brand new trampoline at his huge country home in Iowa City, Iowa. Then Billy-bob’s mom came out of the house and called them over to ask them what kind of pizza they wanted for dinner.
“Cheese,” the two boys called out excitedly to Billy-bob’s mom.

After eating their scrumptious, very stringy, cheesy pizza and they were stuffed, they decided that they wanted to go dirt bike riding on Billy-bob’s private course. They warmed up for a little while and then decided to race each other. The track had many difficult curves and jumps that made it more difficult but the two boys had raced on harder courses many times before in competitions. After about twenty laps, the two boys were bored and started to head home.

When they got back to Billy-bob’s house, his parents greeted them cheerfully, and they all decided to watch a movie together. “That was an excellent movie,” Albert explained excitedly.
When the movie was over and Billy-bob’s parents went to sleep, he and Albert wanted to watch more movies, so they watched a couple more. They were both so bored, but they had no idea what to do for fun.

Just then Billy-bob hatched an idea! When he told Albert, he got a great big smile on his face and was immediately ready to go. They were going to play hide-and-go-seek in a gigantic cornfield a couple of miles away from the house. They decided to leave the house at about 12 a.m. so that they could be sure that the owner of the fields was sleeping and they wouldn’t get in trouble.

They left the house right at 12 and started walking out to the large field. When they got there, Billy-bob was polite and said that he would be “it” first since Albert was his guest. So Billy-bob counted to 500 and Albert ran deep into the dark green corn field to hide. Finally, Billy-bob was done counting and he set off to search for Albert.

For a while he tried to follow what looked like a path to give him some kind of an idea where he was. Then the trail stopped and Billy-bob had no idea where to look next. He figured he was close to a quarter of the cornfield in and started to get a little worried about his friend. He looked for about five more minutes, but he could find no one.

Just as he pulled his cell phone out to call his friend, he felt someone or something breathing down his neck. Frightened, he slowly turned around to look. There was no one in sight as he looked through the tall dark corn stalks. He called Albert again and again on his cell phone…no answer. Then he cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted his name…still, no one answered him. He started to walk further into the field, searching hopelessly.

After almost 10 minutes of walking through the tall corn, he started to feel the warm breath on his neck again and he cringed with fear. Just then, someone tapped him on his shoulder from behind! He turned to slowly and frightened to look and there was a muscular and tall terrifying creature standing there staring at him! He didn’t get a good look at the things face close enough to see what it looked like or if he could see if it was one of his other friends but he didn’t care now because he could be in big trouble. He turned and used his speed that he got from running track and ran as fast as he could, not even thinking or wondering which direction he was running. The creature was close behind when he looked back, so he ran even faster!

Right when he was starting to pull away form the creature, he ran into something hard…it was Albert! “ Man am I glad to see you” Billy-bob said exhaustedly. After Billy-bob had told Albert what happened they started to run out of the cornfield. After running for almost ten minutes, the two boys finally reached the edge of the cornfield, close to where they had entered. They looked back to behind them to see if the creature was still following them. It wasn’t…but then they looked in the opposite direction towards Billy-bob’s house. There was the creature, standing there, arms folded. The 2 boys asked themselves; “Is that the same creature or a different one? “ they stood there glaring at the dark, mysterious figure.

Suddenly, something grabbed them both from behind and said, “ be quiet or else.” Billy-bob immediately recognized this deep voice. Then, just as he knew who it was, the other creature walked over and removed his mask. It was Billy-bob’s neighbor Ryan! Ryan was Billy-bob’s neighbor’s grandson. Then the 65-year-old man removed his mask. His burly grey beard was shining under the moonlight. He was so red with anger, he looked like a bright red chili pepper. The old man started viciously yelling at the two young boys. He told them that if he ever caught them on his field again that he would turn them in to the police.

That night the two boys were so nerve wrecked that the slightest creek or movement outside of the country home would scare them to death. Since this incident they have never ever been back to the cornfield (or even thought about it) because they were so frightened of the creepy old man. They definitely didn’t want to be turned in to the police by the angry old man either. They had definitely learned their lesson.

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