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Styles' Adventure

February 5, 2021
By saishapainter12 BRONZE, Cedar, Utah
saishapainter12 BRONZE, Cedar, Utah
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“What was that? ” asked my friend.

“I don't know, Adysen lets go check it out” I said so we secured outside, to see Harry lying on the floor . 

Adysen screamed “ahhhhhhhh what happened”  

We ran over to Harry Styles and asked him what happened

“I crashed my car into your tree, and i flew out the window” says Harry. 

“ Can you move your toes'' I asked Harry.

 “Adysen go grab the phone” while Adysen is in the house  the Ice King takes Harry away. “Ice King come back !’’ I screamed like a baby having a temper tantrum. I screamed for adysen 

“Get our stuff we're going to get harry back” Adysen runs out with my sword and her enchanted stick that is also very sharp. We start our  way to find Harry, but on our way we run into some obstacles. We arrived at the Ice King's castle, but there was a big baby sitting in front of the castle. “you can’t come inside the castle until you finish these tasks,” says the big baby. 

“What do we have to do? '' asked adysen.

 “You have to go to an enchanted forest and get the ice king two things”

 “What are they?” i asked, “you have to get the crystal of gold Which will be by Princess Bubblegum's castle, then you’ll need to go to the enchanted Forest and find me the flower of gold” he said “no time to waste lets get on the road ” adysen said. they started their way to princess bubblegum's castle, it’s not that far of a walk from the ice king's castle to princess bubblegum's castle. when adysen and saisha were walking they ran into this weird looking rock. it almost looked like a frog but it wasn’t.

 “pick it up,” i told Adysen.

“No it looks gross” she said “fine i’ll pick it up” i said, i flipped it around and it had a note on it, it said “you’re almost to the castle watch out for dangerous fly swans” “what are fly swans” “I guess we’ll find out” said adysen we were back on track when we found bubblegum's castle. we walked up to the door and knocked “hey can we talk to Princess Bubblegum?” “yes let me go get her for you” said the butler “hi princess do you happen to have the crystal of gold?” “yes it’s in my backyard, why do you ask?” “me and my friend need two things so we can get Harry back from the ice king, do you think we can use it?” “Of course you can use it, let me go get it.” “thank you” after Adysen and saisha got the crystal of gold they had to go to the enchanted forest. “one last stop and we can go save Harry. '' I said “ i hope he's doing okay '', Adysen said. Hopefully that awful ice king hasn't done anything to him, come on let's hurry and get to the enchanted forest. They both started running.

 “Bwahhhhhhh” we heard. They both stopped right where they were and looked up and there were hundreds or fly swans “ that's probably what the note was talking about, we should find cover” me and adysen run to the closest gas station. Just before we went into the gas station princess bubblegum comes flying threw the swan of fly swans she casts a spell on them , “down to the ground swans die die die” they all fall to the ground  

 “Thank you” says Adysen, next thing you know the Ice King flys by, “what are you doing here?” Saisha asks.

 “I have harry and he's fine but you guys won't be able to get him until you finish your tasks, you have three hours to finish these or i keep him forever and he won't do his concert in vegas”

 “We only need to find the flower of gold,” said Saisha.

 “ Do you guys mind if i tag along?” asked Princess Bubblegum.

 “Of course you can.” Saisha and Adysen said at the same time. All three of them started their way to the enchanted forest to find the flower of gold. On their way over to the enchanted forest they found this frog.

“I wonder if he can help us find our way to the enchanted forest, let's ask him ” said Princess Bubblegum “ do you think you would be able  to help us find the enchanted forest?”

“I would love to give you directions, I would show you but my wife is sick,” the frog said.  

“Im sorry” said adysen “is there anything we can do for you and your wife” 

“I don't think so, thank you” said the frog “here's a map that take you through the forest at the end of the forest there should be a little hut and you have to knock on the door three times and say i came for the flower of gold please help us” 

“ Thank you, I hope you and your family get better. If you need anything you can always count on us, just holler,” said Saisha.

They all said their goodbyes and started following the map. They got to the edge of the map and saw the hut 

“I think that's it, what if he doesn't have the golden flower, Let's go see.”   Adysen said 

“I'll go knock, knock knock knock, i came for the golden flower please help us” Adysen said 

The door slowly started to open with a loud squeak. There was an old man standing behind the door, he had a long beard and bushy eyebrows.

“ How may i help you guys?” the old man said. 

“ We need the golden flower, we got told that you might have it, do you?”

“ I do, what do you guys need it for” 

“ We are trying to help a friend, he got taken by the ice king. We need to save him because he has a concert tonight. All of his fans are waiting for him.”

 “ I'll go grab it for you “ 

“Thank you so much!”

THe old man went back to this room that had a green light, he shut the door behind him. A couple seconds later he opened the door again but the light was red. 

“Here you guys go.” 

“Thank you,” Saisha said.

“Why is the light red now?”

“Everytime we take it off the cupboard it changes the light, nothing to worry about.” 

“Oh okay, Thank you again this means alot to me and all of Harry's fans.”

“Have a safe trip back, i hope harry makes his concert in time.” 

They all said bye and started their way to the ice king's castle. 

“ I can't wait to help harry, maybe he'll let us come to his concert!” saisha said.

“That would be so fun,” adysen said. 

“Maybe we can ask him if he would let us.” 

“I mean we are saving his life.” 

Princess bubblegum called for her horses, so they could get back to the castle faster. 

“Hop on,” Princess Bubblegum said. 

They all hopped on the horse princess bubblegum set her horses off. They finally got to the Ice King's castle 

“We have the crystle of gold and the flower of gold, give us Harry back!” 

“Hand over the stuff,” said the Ice King. 

Saisha handed over the golden flower and the crystal of gold


The ice king let Harry go, he started to run towards Saisha and her friends.

Thank you guys so much, you saved my life. I'll have to make up for this.”   Harry said.

“There is one thing you could do for us,” Adysen said.

“What's that?” 

“Maybe you could let us come to your concert.” 

“That would be great i would love to have you guys” 

YAYYYY!!!! They all screamed 

“How am I going to get to my concert on time?”  

“I think i have an idea,” Princess Bubblegum said. 

She started to whistle, the instant she ended there was a flying unicorn. 

“We will be riding that” 

“Looks fun,'' said Harry.

The unicorn landed and they all got on. 

“Where are we going?” asked the unicorn.

“We need to go to vegas.” 

“That's not too far, only should take us five minutes.” 

They started their journey to vegas, the wind blowing threw all of their hair. There was a cold breeze, almost like a freezer. They made it to where they were supposed to go. You could hear Harry's fans cheering his name outside of the building, waiting for him to let them in. 

“You guys can have front row seats,” Harry said 

“Wow how cool is this, thank you,” said Saisha 

They all got settled into their seats and Harry had an amazing concert. He sang all of their favorite songs, it was such an amazing day. 

“Thank you again Harry that was so awesome,” said Princess Bubblegum. 

“You're welcome. I'm so happy that I met you guys, also thank you for saving my life,” said Harry. 

“Well it's time for me to leave im super tired, maybe ill see you guys later on in life.” 

“We would love to stay in touch,” said Saisha. 

“Will do!” 

They all said goodbye and went home 

“This was a long day. I'm exhausted,” Adysen said. 

“Me too, time for bed goodnight,” Saisha said. 


The author's comments:

I'm a student. I'm doing a story about Harry Styles and how he got taken away by the Ice King. 

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