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Need of Afforestation in Present World

May 25, 2019
By jahnvik04 BRONZE, Indore, Other
jahnvik04 BRONZE, Indore, Other
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We are living in a world where development is the atmost priority for everyone whether to develop knowledge , infrastructure , our own countries or any other field. In this period of development we have taken our mother Earth for granted and as a result we have forgotten the prophesy of give and take that we never gave the nature anything in return . And now the condition has gotten worse , humans recklessly cut trees for their own benefits, to earn money.

Afforestation is a very important element to protect and save our beautiful mother earth. Trees are meant to give us oxygen, shade , shelter , food etc. but humans are not understanding it and cutting them endlessly. Trees not only help us sustain life but also help to reduce global warming which if not seen would be a major problem in future.

What I am suggesting is that we teenagers and the future of this extraordinary world should take steps rather small steps but help our mother nature to survive like it helped us. Let us not let us ruin our futures by destroying the nature around us. Let’s make this world a better eco-friendly place to live in. Start awaring people around you. Plant trees, start taking part in environmental programme in your schools. You try to be friendly with nature the nature will automatically be friends with you.

Let’s go friends with nature!!!


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