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way of life

January 30, 2014
By samantha_x0x BRONZE, Bradenton, Florida
samantha_x0x BRONZE, Bradenton, Florida
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Way of life I think about how people work to achieve their goals in lfe not everything is easy as it seems. A way of life is hoe you see thing in your point of view while others may see it differantly than you. Some people might see it as a joke, but you might see it as a jewel you have to care about and protect from damage. You may feel disapointed when others dont see life as you do,but theirs nothing you can do about it except worry about yourself. In reality thats all that really matters cause no one else will care about you except yourself. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices that you thought you would never have to do, but hey life is full of suprises and you have to face them. Therefore thats why I think theirs a way of life for everyone in many different ways.

The author's comments:
something that inspired me to write this is mostly something about me starting a new chapter that will not be easy.

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