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Personal Statement

August 30, 2011
By barbara93 BRONZE, Oak Lawn, Illinois
barbara93 BRONZE, Oak Lawn, Illinois
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I can remember the first time I visited Loyola University, it was like yesterday I remember lots of people taking pictures and waiting anxiously for the graduates to walk the stage. I remember cheering and being so excited to see my godmother receiving her diploma and starting her career that she has worked so hard for. I knew right there and then it was the school for me; I knew I was going to follow my godmother and be someone successful in life. Loyola became my top priority along with finishing high school. I know I am the right candidate for Loyola because I am very motivated by my godmother, responsible and my eager personality fits this school.
High school has thought me a lot, you cannot cry to get your way. I always have a smile on my face and keep my head up high. I am ready to tackle anything standing in the way of my education. School is very important to me for many reasons, especially because I have someone in my life that encourages me to succeed. I am thankful to have my godmother and all her inspirations in my life. She always loved school herself I remember visiting her and seeing how many books stacked up to the very top on her shelves and she would constantly be learning something new. I clearly remember how she would tell me she couldn’t wait until I grew up so I can actually understand what she was talking about when she would say “having passion for learning”. I like to look at it that way now too because I finally understand it. It amazes me that I can look back and link it together. My goal is to tell her how much I thank her for being a role model to me.
My godmother came here to America when she was going into the 8th grade; she had to struggle with the language and keeping up with homework all at the same time, I got really lucky and had it the easy way because I learned the English language when I was as young as six going into kindergarten. I always would repeat in my head over and over again if Stasia can do it so can I it was another way she was always there for me. I feel like it’s my responsibility to repay her by doing the best I can for her. I can picture myself telling her about my future and her being so happy with her pleased smile being so proud of her god daughter for following her footsteps since day one and never giving up.
I know I am the right candidate for Loyola because of my godmother who is a great motivation; I am ready to take on the responsibilities of a college student and my excited attitude toward the future. Without my godmother and her great decisions on choosing the right school I would have never wanted to think of my future this much and to always be trying to accomplish all my goals just like she does. I am different from others because of the way I was raised, I always try to keep the positive people and the people who have common goals as me in my life because it steers me into the right direction.

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