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This I Believe

December 16, 2007
By Anonymous

“Me, myself, and I” is the answer. Out of all the people in this world, it’s only you. I believe that you can’t depend on anyone else, only yourself.
“Second block” could be renamed as “recess”, literally. Mrs. D is the most forgetful, off-topic teacher you will ever meet. Like every class, it begins with, “back in Miami…” If our class sits and listens to her stories, then she could waste a life time telling one story. Since every class Mrs. D wastes class time, I’ve had to repeatedly remind her to post my grades from missing work. Sitting in her green chair, twirling her hair, her response is, “remind me in a minute” and gets back to her stories. After depending on myself to remind her, I’ve learnt that if it wasn’t for my dependability, then I wouldn’t have a good grade.
But depending on myself didn’t stop there. Every weekend, Chelsea and I have said to each other, “we need to make plans to hang out.” But unfortunately, I am the one who makes an effort to make any plans. Sitting at the computer desk, after school each week, planning times, I am frustrated. I can only depend upon myself to make plans with her. She always responds, “I already have plans with someone else. Maybe next weekend.” If it wasn’t for me, we probably wouldn’t be talking at all anymore.
“We present on Friday”, was Mr. Lowe’s final words. Our group had organized in the beginning who was doing what. We had divided work equally into four sections. One person was supposed to do one part of a small section of research, and the power point that was needed to be presented. The two others were supposed to do a section each of research. I had the main section of the research. After a few days, I had figured out that I had to finish the whole project by that Friday. To remind you, it was Wednesday night.
They had just partially completed their share. I had learned that if I need to get something done, I should just do it myself.
I have come to a conclusion that you can only depend on yourself. If it’s dealing with a teacher, best friend, or students; in the end, you are who you depend on. Even if it is on a day to day basis, make it your priority to depend on yourself.

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