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Treat Others Fairly

December 17, 2007
By Anonymous

I hit him again and again as we spun around but the fight didn’t last long. One of the teachers rushed to the scene and broke us up. She started fussing at us about how to settle problems without fighting like most teachers would say. I knew I was in trouble.

It was a scorching hot day when I was coming from the cafeteria to recess. Squinting from the sun, I saw Jeff playing with the only basketball. Our grade was short on basketballs to play with so the quickest person to eat and leave was the one who could get the ball for recess. Being a heavy eater, I ended up staying a while in the lunch room.

Every day Jeff would get the ball which angered me. He would always keep it to himself, dribbling, shooting, and running for his rebounds. That day I got fed up and quickly took the ball away from him, sprinting as fast as my feet could go to the other side of the court. I began shooting as if nothing ever happened.

For a while he stood there staring at me with the ball in awe. As I went up for another lay- up, I saw Jeff charging at me like a bull from the corner of my eye. He tried to pull the ball back from my hands. This caused us to fight over it.

After the teacher broke us up and talked to us we apologized. We decided to recruit some of our friends to play a game with the ball so that we would all have something to do that recess.

Both of us learned a lesson from this situation. I leaned that I can’t always have my way an patience is important, while Jeff learned to share instead of being selfish. Surprisingly, none of us got in trouble for the fight.

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