Silence Kills

February 15, 2016
By Midnight1028 PLATINUM, SOUTH BELOIT, Illinois
Midnight1028 PLATINUM, SOUTH BELOIT, Illinois
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“What’s wrong, my dearest?” he asks, “Why did thee looked troubled?” I smile at him. I know the only reason he is talking like that is so he could cheer me up. He’s silly like that, but yet that is how he used to talk until we met. We always were around each other, mostly at his house because the sun would burn his skin, but we were always together. We played hide and go seek in the house he always won, which made me mad because he would hid and see me then move somewhere else until I gave up. He always told me I gave up to easily and that is why he would always win, but I think he cheated.
“Nothing’s wrong. I was thinking about when we were kids and how you cheated playing hide and go seek,” I smile.
He smiles back, “Well, if you were quiet instead of shouting for me, I wouldn’t have known that you were there.”
“Yeah, right!” I giggle and get up from the couch he threw me on and walked to the hallway. He walks behind me, hugs me. I think he might have smelt me. Weirdo!!!! Why is he smelling me?!?
“I’m sorry. I do weird things. You should know,” he walks away and disappears in the darkness.
“Fine! Leave here and let the shadow get me,” I walk up the stairs to his room, “Hello? You there?” Not a sound. This is the thing that kills me inside and makes me want to be dead, but I am willing to take it as long as if I near “Him”. I wait at the door for a few seconds and decide to sit at the door. An hour had pasted and still no answer, so I get up and begin to walk, but something stops me.
“Please don’t go. I like it when you wait for me.” He turns me around and looks at me with that damn smile that gets me every time.
“Okay, I will stay,” I sigh and smile back. His eyes are full of life today, but I bet tomorrow they will be dull again and he will reject me. He always does that. I don’t know why, but he does it, but it makes me angry that he can’t trust me as much as he used to.  I sit back on the floor and lean against the wall. He just walks in room and hides again. I wonder what he is doing in the room and why he always hides.
“Why do you hide in there?” I asked through the door. No response. Just silence. I heard Damon running up the stairs and then I saw him looking at me.
“Oh, so now you come after I called thirty times? Dumb dog.” Damon started licking my hands and wanting me to pet him, so I did. Damon turns away and runs in fear. I know that the shadow is coming for me again. I know “He” won’t protect me form this shadow. Well, maybe I should tell you who and what this shadow. His name is Sebastian Knight, or as nicknamed Shadow Master, but I just call him shadow because well duh he’s a shadow. Shadow has been after the vampire lord and me for years because what I’ve done or should I say we have done. See, I didn’t make a lot of friends and I was being bullied everywhere I went. I made a wish that I shouldn’t have and when I made it that the city started to burn. Houses, farms, land, building, and even living creatures were on fire. I was so stupid, but “He” saved me from the shadow that granted my wish. I didn’t mean for it to happen. I didn’t want all those people to die, and I didn’t want to sell my soul for pain that I didn’t need nor want. “He” saved me and his name I promise to never say for if I do the shadows will find us again and attack. I don’t want my love to feel pain or lose me or anyone else, but if the shadow wants to fight then we’ll fight. I get up from the floor and open his door.
“You in here, my love?” the walls echoed my voice. He came out the closet where his bed lays in the shadows.
“Yes, my dear. What’s wrong?” He looks so tired. It was kind of cute the way his eyes where half closed. I didn’t say anything. I walk to him and hug him as hard as I could. He starts to smile and kisses my forehead.
“What puzzles you?” he smiles. I didn’t say anything. I mean I would have, but I didn’t exactly what I should say. I walk towards the door and exit the room to find the dog looking back at.
“Damon, you are the cutest puppy ever,” I lean down and being to pet him. Damon might not listen to me, but he was truly my best friend and my only family. I wish he could talk so I didn’t feel so lonely in this house, but that may never change. I walk back to “His” room to see the closet door shut. He went back to sleep, I guess. I sluggishly walk down the hall to my room to see a note on my door.
It read “Sorry for being so cruel to you. I am sorry if I seem like I love you one day than hate you the next. I really truly sorry. You and I both know what will happen in the end if I don’t have my guard up. Well, I hope you read this and forgive me. I love you.
Dante Williams”
My heart sank I can’t believe he wrote me this letter and plus he signed his name. He never signs his name on anything and I mean anything. My cheeks start to turn red as I fall on my bed for the night. I hope he really accepts me this time. I hope he doesn’t shut me out. I really need him around me. I feel warm inside and I have butterflies in my stomach. What is this feeling? Is this love? And if it is, I don’t want it to go away…never. I close my eyes and sleep.

I could hear Dante singing something in a different language. The song starts to bring to tears to my eyes and I start to remember why I want to say by his side. I walk to his room and walk in without knocking.
“Hey, Malice. Would you like to sit next to me, my angel,” He said sadly?
I wonder if he was toying with me or being serious. Should I sit next to him or should I just leave and avoid another lecture about knocking, demons, or the worst of all not being able to with him anymore? My heart cannot anymore heartache, but my body walks toward him and sits down. He smiles at me and wraps his arms around

Ariel M.

Silence Kills

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