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A conflict between the gods has broken out. Over what? A mortal woman has been the subject of interest to the gods. Who is she? What is she? (more »)
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A post apocalypse zombie story about a group of people trying to survive in a zombie filled world. Inspired from the Walking Dead. (more »)
God's Dilemma
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Welcome to the day in the life of God, the Creator of the Universe. Join the Divine, nonchalant Creator as he takes you through an average day in Heaven and the certain tasks of running the Universe. (more »)
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This is a book about the life of two people who get to know each other very well. (more »)
The Life of Xena
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The life of a pampered pooch, boiled down to significant events in her life. (more »)
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Lily Gonestar has always known she was… different. But nothing prepared her for the strange and unusual life, adventures and experiences. Lily is a Penneastrum (more »)
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Willow is a seventeen year old haunted by her father's violent and sudden death. One day in the prairie through Willow encounters the storms that plague her life and a friendly ghost, that will help her find the peace she wishes for. (more »)
A life to remember
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great story, just read it. (more »)
A lost heart and a gained soul
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A story of three friends among whom two are lovers. Friendship and love are the basis of life. Ultimately, when life is an its end, who are there for us is what matters. (more »)
The Easy Day Was Yesterday
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Do you think becoming a Navy Seal is easy my freind? John Searcy realized it wasn't when he had to go through the most horrific training in his life. He also had to keep a oath with his wife but his fellow S.E.A.LS also (more »)
the twin clans
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long in the past, two clans in one town, a brother and a sister must find the five Crystal orb shards to bring peace to the clans (more »)
Raise Me
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What would you do if your dad is not your dad but a shape shiftier that accidentally stole you and raise you to become the greatest shadow slayer, that haunts evil magical creatures? Would you agree and help your fake dad find his real child? (more »)
November Oven Berm
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A cute and dark comedy about one turkey's quest to save his little brother from being eaten, so he runs away. (more »)
Living Life Chapters 5-10
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A kid once abandoned in the time of need. He has to start a new life in a new place (more »)
By , la quinta, CA
The world is slowly falling apart, self-destructing as the climate changes. Nothing is as it seems. Who knew humanity could be so dangerous? (more »)
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One was stolen, the other stole them. There is nowhere to go and nothing to rely on; all there is left is the choice. Believe, or don't believe. Live, or die. (more »)

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