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No Turning Back Volume 2: Boot Camp
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This is the second installation of my fan fiction series: No Turning Back (more »)
No Turning Back Volume 1: The Beginning
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This is a story about a boy who is firends with a vampire. this vampire had to attend a monster school because of what she is, thus cutting short their friendship.... or so they think (more »)
To Bring Us Together
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The book "To Bring Us Together" is about a girl, Julie Staler, who finds out some of the worst news possible. She is going to lose her hearing. Read "To Bring Us Together" and find out How Julie handles the news. (more »)
Cop Car
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Hayz is one of those awkward outcast teens with only a few friends and a rebel heart while Lizzabeth appears as the complete opposite. The rebel finds the prep annoying, as excepted. But maybe not annoying enough? (more »)
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The story is about three kids who capture a smuggler. (more »)
If You Don't Do Something
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Anabelle is constantly pressured by her mother and required to meet incredibly high demands. On top of that, the day we meet her, she experiences a host of bad luck. Read on to find out how she copes with it. (more »)
Say Something
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Love, drugs, and violence draw two troubled teens together in this novel, Say Something by Stephanie A. (more »)
Into The Potterverse
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Anna Granger, a girl from our side of the books, ends up being literally sucked in. Once there she must find a way to prevent certain people from dying and even remove the need of undergoing the battle of Hogwarts!
DracoxOC (more »)
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This is a book about the life of two people who get to know each other very well. (more »)
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The only thing twenty-two-year-old Candace Madoc and sixteen-year-old Allie Cross have in common is the worldwide mass murder of over a hundred people. Candace, the cause. Allie, a victim. Fictional character Violet, their worst nightmare. (more »)
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Its a dog eat dog world, for twins Zoe and Zayne. They must stick together and have each others backs. (more »)
Straight-edge: H
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What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and you weren't the person you thought you were? (more »)
A Crack In The Ceiling
A young, troubled girl writes many letters on her old typewriter, who are these letters going to? (more »)
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Lily Gonestar has always known she was… different. But nothing prepared her for the strange and unusual life, adventures and experiences. Lily is a Penneastrum (more »)
Red Winter
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The Cold War has been imprinted in our brains since the day we step into a World History class. But what if the Russians got the upper hand and things turned violent? (more »)
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"My stomach screams at me and tells me that I am a pig, and my thighs rub together loud enough that I was sure they would deafen me. I am once again reminded of my facts of life: I am fat." (more »)

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