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To Bring Us Together
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The book "To Bring Us Together" is about a girl, Julie Staler, who finds out some of the worst news possible. She is going to lose her hearing. Read "To Bring Us Together" and find out How Julie handles the news. (more »)
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Emerson Alexander lives in Cultivation--a world of independence and no technology. What will happen when she fails to resist the urge to go over the Fence and see what's on the other side, completely risking her life? (more »)
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The Limo
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Stacey Clarington has an awful reputation, to say the least. When she gets the chance to change it, what can she do but take it? (more »)
By ,
In the future, it is not only possible but a tradition to change your appearance, personality, and interests regularly. Ashey and Alicia, though, don't find it so easy. (more »)
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Many sacrifices must be made to restore the world to its former glory. (more »)
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The story is about three kids who capture a smuggler. (more »)
If You Don't Do Something
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Anabelle is constantly pressured by her mother and required to meet incredibly high demands. On top of that, the day we meet her, she experiences a host of bad luck. Read on to find out how she copes with it. (more »)
Blood in the Lake
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Josh and his friends are relaxing at their cottages over the summer when a dead body washes up on the shores of the lake. Soon, the gang is over their heads in a dangerous quest to solve the mystery... or end up just like the dead man... (more »)
Say Something
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Love, drugs, and violence draw two troubled teens together in this novel, Say Something by Stephanie A. (more »)
Life and Lessons by a Crazy Person
The story takes you in the life of an introverted Nora. On dwindling spiral into broken relationships and depression. (more »)
The Life of Chole Grace
By , Saratoga Springs, UT
This is a story of life and redemption (more »)
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A post apocalypse zombie story about a group of people trying to survive in a zombie filled world. Inspired from the Walking Dead. (more »)
Into The Potterverse
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Anna Granger, a girl from our side of the books, ends up being literally sucked in. Once there she must find a way to prevent certain people from dying and even remove the need of undergoing the battle of Hogwarts!
DracoxOC (more »)
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Randi has been a mistake since the day she was born. Her parents have never been there for her or her siblings. She thought her life couldn't get worse, until she met him. (more »)
Take down: part 1
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Zach Curtis has come back from fighting the capital with Sam retired and Haley joining there is a new threat to the deamon sqaud someone that was one of their own an betrayed them (more »)

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