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TeenInk Communication

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June 21, 11:09PM - By ScarredSecrets
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Collaborative Writing

This is a section for TeenInkers to work together on pieces of all types. We encourage you to work together, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

June 14, 8:00PM - By Malcolm_Chase GOLD
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Summer Reading Books

What was the favorite book you read this summer and why?

June 16, 9:01AM - By Malcolm_Chase GOLD
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Written Roleplay

This area of the forums is dedicated to roleplaying and letting your creativity work together

June 22, 11:42AM - By StArFish1202 BRONZE
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Fashion, style and trends

A place to discuss fashion and style, the latest trends and get advice on such topics.

June 13, 6:57PM - By HiddenWhispers
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Random Thoughts and Basic Chat

These forums are for random everyday chat on no specific topic

June 24, 8:44PM - By AndySachs BRONZE
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Dating, Love & Friendship

You’re going on your first date. Or you lost your best friend. Or you don't know if it's really and truly love. Talk about your own experiences, or help other teens find answers to their questions.

June 17, 9:16PM - By thenastyfeminist
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Art & Entertainment

Your art and photography, modern art, or movies, tv, music - the whole entertainment industry - discuss it here!

June 23, 10:22PM - By AndySachs BRONZE
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News & Issues

From politics and teen smoking, to racism and the Internet. Share your views on current events and hot topics in your community, across the country and around the world.

June 24, 8:09PM - By AndySachs BRONZE
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School, Work, Life etc

Dealing with the demands of homework, sports and jobs? Thinking of college, panicking about the whole process? Now includes the old "Jobs" and "Around the World" forums.

June 8, 3:07PM - By BerneseLaxer99 BRONZE
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Drinking, teen pregnancy, eating disorders, depression, nutrition, fitness, body image - there are a lot of difficult issues out there. Post your questions or share your experiences with other teens. This is a safe environment to get support, but please also see our "resources" section for other safe places

May 11, 12:53PM - By ThatNobody
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Parents, grandparents and siblings. Divorce, death and illness. Whoever makes up your family and whatever you might be experiencing can be exhilarating and terrifying.

June 11, 5:37PM - By Be_the_Change
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Top 5 List Discussion

Want to defend your Top 5 picks? Or gripe about someone else's?

June 8, 3:18PM - By BerneseLaxer99 BRONZE
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Philosophy and Thought

All matters philosophical, including religion and debates

June 19, 11:15AM - By Sparaxis SILVER
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Sports and Hobbies

Share your stories from practices or games. Let others know how you spend your time.

June 21, 11:26AM - By tonicena
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Personal Opinions

This area is NOT a place to post your work and get feedback, do that in the "Writing" forum. This is a place to rate literary pieces, artwork, songs, etc. that you may have come across on the site or in public [Remember to include the title of pieces you comment on.]

June 5, 5:55PM - By The_Writting_Girl
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The place to participate in Teen Ink Contests.

May 8, 3:47PM - By Yoda-Parker SILVER
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Book of the Month

Each month, discuss a new book chosen by Teen Ink.

May 9, 4:39PM - By WordsToChangeANation GOLD
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Teen Ink Books

Discussion about the Teen Ink book series

June 8, 4:36PM - By Davianna
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MacMillan Books

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