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A conflict between the gods has broken out. Over what? A mortal woman has been the subject of interest to the gods. Who is she? What is she? (more »)
Jason Hubber and Bianca McLinear
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This is a story of two friends who battle daily for the mankind.Their adventure still continues. So stay tuned! (more »)
The Life of Chole Grace
By , Saratoga Springs, UT
This is a story of life and redemption (more »)
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A post apocalypse zombie story about a group of people trying to survive in a zombie filled world. Inspired from the Walking Dead. (more »)
God's Dilemma
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Welcome to the day in the life of God, the Creator of the Universe. Join the Divine, nonchalant Creator as he takes you through an average day in Heaven and the certain tasks of running the Universe. (more »)
Dear Topher
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Topher Nix, television star. Topher Nix, Hollywood heartthrob. Topher Nix, dead at twenty-seven. His fiance Lia creates new realities for herself and Topher in her mind, while reflecting on the life they had together. (more »)
By , Greensburg, PA
Meg hates life...that is, until she meets Ryley. (more »)
Field Of Broken Dreams
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Based in Japan. This story takes the theme of an original Anime (Manga). The main character is named Mikio Nao. He is the head of the Nao Clan; that was nearly wiped out completely twenty years ago by an unknown force. (more »)
The Edge
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The tragedy of life is not death, but rather what we let die inside of us while we live.

While I thought I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die. -Leonardo Da Vinci (more »)
Christmas Circus
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On the day of Christmas Eve, a mysterious circus comes to your town... (more »)
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Willow is a seventeen year old haunted by her father's violent and sudden death. One day in the prairie through Willow encounters the storms that plague her life and a friendly ghost, that will help her find the peace she wishes for. (more »)
A life to remember
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great story, just read it. (more »)
The Green Book
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Lina Baron, age eleven, is suddenly swooped out of her home and into a completely different lifestyle. She is faced with many tough decisions and conflicts on the way to finding her place. (more »)
Four Minutes
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An account of a girl who survived a car accident under unusual circumstances, and how it impacted her afterwards. (more »)
Life Changes
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After Losing her Father at 16, Kayleena is forced to leave home and moves to Arkansas where she battles her monsters everyday. Can she survive the emotional roller coaster her life has taken? (more »)
the twin clans
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long in the past, two clans in one town, a brother and a sister must find the five Crystal orb shards to bring peace to the clans (more »)

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