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Articles from this issue

College Guide

Lasts MAG
By ToriHilmanowski
Park Rapids, MN

I hopped off the bus at Brush Lake, and felt the chilly morning air pinch my skin. This was the school forest I had been coming to for as long as I could remember...


By SebastiandeLorean
San Ramon, CA

To us, it never mattered where we went. When there were enough years in you, when our mother gave me permission, I took your hand and led you on your first great adventure...

Hot Topics

By Eugenia Lee
Allison Park, PA

During Biology a couple of weeks ago, we were discussing Charles Darwin, the famous biologist who discovered natural selection. Darwin, after his trip to the Galapagos Islands, returned to England with his findings...


By kamty
St. Thomas, VI

Keep calm ... and go to college for free! Education is seen as the gateway to a successful career. Yet, college is now more expensive than it has ever been...


By some_dude
Brooklyn, NY

Challenging your understanding of volume and area, "Flat Pack" is an unique puzzle platformer that explores 2-D gaming on the sides of boxes. It gets you to defy gravity...

Art / Photo

By PianoKeys97
Medford, NJ


By AnastayshaMarie
Cullman, AL

Let me ask you, love. This chilly season...

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