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Articles from this issue


By kneikes
Marion, IL

The red angry marks on my forearms lay rigid and out of place next to my white dress. I grab my elbow-length bridal gloves and let the scars disappear under the fabric...

Hot Topics

By A.Urban
Pittsburgh, PA

Although I can only hope that this reaches you, I’ve still decided to try to be heard—because although your generation holds political power, peers of mine are being murdered on an unprecedented scale by violence in schools...


By Benjamin A.
Hartland, WI

Junior year, I shivered at the word calculus. It created an image of college students nervously studying this foreign language of numbers. After all, there are few that truly understand calculus...


By AlaNova
Naperville, IL

I came to the topic of cultural appropriation after I found myself writing about something I swore I wouldn’t: race...

Art / Photo

By Kailey_H424
Portland, ME


By grace.lee
Perrysburg, OH

to this house that is my home, but the same home that’s simply just my house, you’re a pretty structure...

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