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Normal Right?

February 5, 2015
By Sunshinesings, Watford City, North Dakota
Sunshinesings, Watford City, North Dakota
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"People Who Hate Need Love The Most"


Catherine is a normal girl trying to get through high school. Isn't that how all girls are like? But is she a normal girl really?\


Daniela is a unique girl, she loves to draw but she mostly keeps to herself. She has so many secrets buried in her unobtainable heart, some she doesn't even know herself. Will she spill her secrets and cure her lies, or keep the burden with her forever?


Nobody at school is suspicious, in their percpective it is just a normal high school. Everything is perfectly normal, nobody has a clue...people say that sometimes what people don't know won't hurt them, but at other times being clueless can have its consequences.

Celeste M.

Normal Right?

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