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The summer I cut my hair...
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Fourteen year old Audrina always thought that growing up and becoming a women was physical.Until the summer before her freshman year of high school when her world is turned upside down and she learns what strength and womanhood really is. (more »)
Into The Potterverse
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Anna Granger, a girl from our side of the books, ends up being literally sucked in. Once there she must find a way to prevent certain people from dying and even remove the need of undergoing the battle of Hogwarts!
DracoxOC (more »)
Overcoming diversities as a teenager.
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As a teenager, you shouldnt have to go through bad experiences. Its hard enough when you cant handel the situations by yourself. (more »)
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This is a book about the life of two people who get to know each other very well. (more »)
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Lily Gonestar has always known she was… different. But nothing prepared her for the strange and unusual life, adventures and experiences. Lily is a Penneastrum (more »)
Why Did You Go?
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Doesn't she know running away from her problems is a race she'll never win? (more »)
Being Elif Fatim
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Elif Fatim dreams of being an actress. But for now, she's stuck in high school, with her, ahem, interesting family. (more »)
A life to remember
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great story, just read it. (more »)
A lost heart and a gained soul
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A story of three friends among whom two are lovers. Friendship and love are the basis of life. Ultimately, when life is an its end, who are there for us is what matters. (more »)
Dusk and Dawn
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A boy who plots revenge and eventually things get bad for the people he has picked. (more »)
Sing Me To Sleep
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Alexander Williams is a Junior in high school. His peers bully and ignore him except for one. Just like any other boy, he has a crush. What happens when the love of his life finds out about his violent past? (more »)
Life Changes
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After Losing her Father at 16, Kayleena is forced to leave home and moves to Arkansas where she battles her monsters everyday. Can she survive the emotional roller coaster her life has taken? (more »)
My Life... or Not...
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Kathryn Analina Aka Katalina Shanam is forced into being a spy. She is tracking a teacher and runs into a mess she never expected. (more »)
Knockin' On Heavens Doors
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Death is a path we all must take. Unfortunately for some, death takes us far to early than we intended. (more »)
Walking Down The Yellow LIne
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Tragedy struck to Terra Newman when her Parents are stolen in a her house and she is sent away to a family friend. Or the fact they have 12 kids. Trying to find her parents kidnappers and living here may just be difficult.... (more »)
Far from Perfect
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Lyndsey is a normal 15 year old girl. Except that her parents are abusive and her siblings are bullies. When her aunt finds out, she takes her away. Lyndsey feels saved, but is she? (more »)

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