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The Difference Between Diversions
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A burnt and disfigured face leaves Mari Knox with a cynical outlook on the world. Jack Merrick's family is falling apart. What happens when the two high school freshmen cross paths? (more »)
Revenge is Funny That Way
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Jenna Burson has to solve her mother, father, and sister's murder while balancing the fact she's engaged. Read this and discover what she does. (more »)
Outlook makes the Biggest Difference
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This story is about my life and how my whole life changed when I began to view things in a more positive way and made a huge impact on my life forever (more »)
Death Creek
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Emma Williams and her friends are going to a mysterious place called death creek. Little do they know that they are dying off; who could be behind this? (more »)
The Alternative: Chapters 1-5
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Sam Summerton is going to die. But he doesn't want to. He wishes he could take everything back, let go of the past, redeem himself. He does not want to die after living such a shameful life. Fortunately for him, there is an alternative... (more »)
Blank Pages
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This story is based and is actually my life, its my struggle as a homeless teenage girl and how I soon had found peace at last. (more »)
Astria's Nightmare
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My hands and up to my elbows were coated in red my clothes had splotches of the red here and there and one giant splat on my stomach are of my shirt...No. They were looking at the red. They were looking at the blood. (more »)
The Life of a Weirdo
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Elizabeth Boye has autism. She decides to act as a mute when at school instead of participating in social interaction. When she bumps into Scott Graning, will she drop the charade? (more »)
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"Why do you hide behind that costume?" he asked me one day.

"I don't want you to know who I am," I responded. "I prefer to keep my reputation intact." (more »)
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Will Daniel Blare be able to handle being responsible for two deaths at only the age of 16? (more »)
On The Last Shelf
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Sam Kim believes that he’d spent the last two years doing what was best for him. Nobody knew how harsh the distance could be when the world was no longer spinning and breathing was no longer natural. (more »)
Hidden in San Francisco
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"I was nine years old when it happened." My parents were murdered when I was nine, with a note on the wall saying that someone will be back for me, and my two brothers. Now, 6 years later, our past comes back to haunt us. (more »)
The Past and Pending
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The story of a jaded protagonist Craig Mercer. Told in first person as he experiences stress, drugs, depression, and a fading relationship with his stoner best friend. (more »)
The Boss's Dime
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Anthony Finoni is a notorious mafia boss who's reputation has been thrown in the dirt. Upon his only daughter's return she's mysteriously murdered. Chilling, Gripping, Fast Paced; A real page turner. (more »)
Thin Ice
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In the 4th battle between the rebels and the world, everything breaks loose.Could Mirsowell be having a change of heart since her cubs birth? (more »)
Forever and a Half
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Georgina Fitzgerald reflects on her rebellious teenage years in Greenwich, CT, filled with love, hate, drugs, alcohol, sex, and death. (more »)

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