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Love Bites

November 11, 2013
By kcasey95 SILVER, Grantsburg, Wisconsin
kcasey95 SILVER, Grantsburg, Wisconsin
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Everything happens for a reason


Alice Mason seems to live a very normal life, however several things begin to happen to her that changer her life. A new boy moves into town... somebody makes an unexpected visit to her house and threatens her families life... and let's not forget the fact that two men end up coming after her to end her life. Can the new guy help her through all of these things? Can she trust him when something seems to be a little off about him? And most important of all... will she escape the death that the two men wish to bestow on her?
This story happens to have love, romance, action, and suspense. Hopefully enough to keep you reading.

Kayla C.

Love Bites

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