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A group of survivors from a village destroyed by the seven deadly sins. The group of survivors decides to exact revenge on the seven, but will they suceed?

(more »)
Gojira Monsters Unleashed
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Godzilla is back! Bigger and badder than ever! For some reason, the earths atmosphere is changing rapidly and Dr. Chuang doesn't like this. She believes this could be the start of something big, she believes things are about to get rough. (more »)
Despite The Odds
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"You can't just leave like that. Not like that. Not over something I didn't do on purpose! You can't leave. You can't leave me!"

- Cade (more »)
Love Bites
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Alice Mason is a normal seventeen your old girl living a normal life. However, when a new guy moves into town and shows an interest in her, will he change her life forever? (more »)
Psychic Volume 1: Chapters 1-8 (Exam Part 1)
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The abnormal are known to be the saviors, but the truth is, they just add to the evil surface of the world. (more »)
Altais Chronicles Book 2: Arrival of the Lycan
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Altai seeks a new place filled with new enemies, attacks, and people he will meet. Stay tuned and read what happens next. (more »)
Altai's Chronicles
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This book is about a brave warrior that starts from a small town. He meets different people he never met before and fights different warriors in this new world. (more »)
The Lost Legend.
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In a world torn by war, an unlikely hero must learn the truth about everything he knows . . . Including himself. (more »)
Master-Key Book 1: The Journey Begins
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Wilkan is on a quest to find the three other Newt's eyes and unite them to form the legendary Master-Key. (more »)
A Change in Fate
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What would you do if you had to save the world? Andrea is asked exactly that question as she is exposed to a world that seemed impossible. Until she became a part of it. (more »)
The Dancing Soul Of Fire
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A band of rebels lead by the godlike Kaszak try to topple the empire of the Faith, but their actions could lead to move death than freedom. (more »)
Tides of Time
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Tides of Time is takes place in two different settings: a medieval past and a warring robotic future. However, through divine intervention, the bonds between time and space begin to weaken, causing chaos between the two worlds. (more »)
Make Waves
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The biggest fear in America has gone from heights and death, to the ocean. Somethings gone wrong, towns are getting wiped off the map, and people are getting killed. (more »)
Dawn Walkers
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Nine odd adventures band together to destroy an ancient evil that has threatened to rise again. Will these daring heroes find the courage to overcome personal challenges, fears, and hardships? (more »)
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If I kissed you...
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Kim and her boyfriend are captured by a serial killer and are forced to spend every day in fear for their lives as he plays mind games and tortures them. Will both Kim and her boyfriend make it out alive? Or will one take the fall for the other? (more »)
Forbidden Love
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Aubree Grey wants one thing and that's her parents approval of her boyfriend. (more »)

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