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Needing Alice
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What would you do if someone took you? Off of the street, in a parking lot, whatever--one minute you're walking, the next you're in the back of a car. What would you do?

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The Madison Stiles Chronicles
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The Madison Stiles Chronicles is set in Charlotte North Carolina during a zombie outbreak. In this chapter you will be following two teens in love trying to escape the mayham in the city.

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A tale of the outcast
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A redempion story of a fellow outcast

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A Season for Autumn
A sixteen year old girl named Autumn moves to a new town to forget her past, but can she? (more »)
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The Fourth World
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A post-nuclear war Earth. What feels like perfection reigns in a strict new society. But this world is filled with lies. The protagonist soon comes to find the truth not only about her world but about herself. (more »)
Time Lord
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Lincoln Colthurst: the Doctor. Ever heard of Doctor Who? This is the story of a non-traditional Doctor, who cares more than he shows. An action-packed adventure full of detailed descriptions, drama, romance, and of course, the T.A.R.D.I.S!! (more »)
The Devils Eye.
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this is the story of a boy named jake and his friends fighting a war that was brought to them with the help from gods. (more »)
Of Society
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It's a never ending spiral to the world of regal affairs. Its a kiss of death, really. When you wake in the middle of the night, soaked in sweat, uncertain how you managed to break an unbreakable law. (more »)
Two Halves of Eternity
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When you have all of eternity to live, there should be no problem. But what is this worth when you find yourself loving someone who can live no more than a century? (more »)
Despite The Odds
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"You can't just leave like that. Not like that. Not over something I didn't do on purpose! You can't leave. You can't leave me!"

- Cade (more »)
Give Me Sanity? Just ... not yet.
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Sarah's got Goblin King on the brain, as usual. Question is does he realize how far gone she really is? ;) A series of drabble-like snap shots of Sarah's inner fantasy world.

Rated M for mature themes.

I'm keeping... (more »)
The Fire Seal
"Magic is in your blood, Dialla. You're a sorceress."
I couldn't help it when I started laughing (more »)
Love Bites
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Alice Mason is a normal seventeen your old girl living a normal life. However, when a new guy moves into town and shows an interest in her, will he change her life forever? (more »)
Runaway Heart
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Annabelle is tired of her cousin's game. She makes her own decision to run away. Will she survive, or will she be found? (more »)
Morrigan: Do's and Dont's
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This fic follows the various things the Warden, Aedan Cousland, does throughout his adventures in Ferelden. He brings Morrigan along with him, and occasionally messes up. All about what NOT to do around a seductive Witch of the Wilds. (more »)
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The Kings Promise
By , SLC, UT
It is not a curse, but a shadow, an the answer to a secret long forgotten and desired. It is so black, that not even love can shine through it. It is the past. (more »)

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