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Final Flight
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This is a thrilling adventurous story about a flight that a buisness man takes thinking it will be a nomal boring day. The flight turn to disaster, read my short story find out what happens.

(more »)
Destiny: The Road of Tomorrow
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A shaken youth's childhood is lost, after the death of their closest companion. But through the vessel of Cyber-Battling, expressing one's feelings through combat, he begins to regain his happiness as his bonds are rewritten. (more »)
Into the Lightening
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I heard muffled snores coming from their room. I rose from my bed, stopped and cringed when the floor creaked under step. I waited till I heard snoring again, slipped the bag over my shoulders, and then gingerly crept from my room. (more »)
Love in Law
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A 1800's female rancher works with the towns sheriff to catch rustlers and falls in love. (more »)
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The only thing twenty-two-year-old Candace Madoc and sixteen-year-old Allie Cross have in common is the worldwide mass murder of over a hundred people. Candace, the cause. Allie, a victim. Fictional character Violet, their worst nightmare. (more »)
The Sky's the Limit
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A love arrow causes a mortal to fall in love with a goddess, putting her in danger with the Olympian law. When she secretly goes to Earth to break the spell, she finds herself torn between following tradition and her growing attraction. (more »)
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About an ordinary Girl... well that's what she thought! (more »)
Chasing The Dealer
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Different points of views tell the story of three spies and 1 Headquarters on a mission. (more »)
A Stranger in The Bushes
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Lindsay Corbet gets the shock of her life when her ex-boyfriend, Jeremiah McCool comes back to town and weird things start happening to her. strange phone calls and only Jeremiah can help her. (more »)
Boys, Arrows, the Mall, and Witches
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It's about the people in my last short story with a few new characters. It is about Valerie's point a view about training, the boys, and then their fight at the mall. (more »)
Love Bites
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Alice Mason is a normal seventeen your old girl living a normal life. However, when a new guy moves into town and shows an interest in her, will he change her life forever? (more »)
War for Satomi Tatsurou: the Irregular
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Magic has divided the world into two sides: the Magic Faction and the Non-M Faction. A war is ongoing and only man is trying to bring an end to this. (more »)
The Action
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Is Cooper Fairbanks still normal? Is he still safe? (more »)
The Memory Theives
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What if you could buy memories from people that had experienced great things and chose to sell them. What if it wasn't a choice? (more »)
Death Falling
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Aeron was a smart, quiet boy. But that all changes when he is called to take Thanatos's place at the Doors of Death, and to become a god. (more »)
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Psychic Volume 1: Chapters 1-8 (Exam Part 1)
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The abnormal are known to be the saviors, but the truth is, they just add to the evil surface of the world. (more »)

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