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Long Road Home

December 9, 2017
By Eifflelight17 BRONZE, Indio, California
Eifflelight17 BRONZE, Indio, California
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Favorite Quote:
“Now that I look back, I don't know why I was so stressed about it all this time. Funny how sometimes you worry a lot about something and it turns out to be nothing.”
― R.J. Palacio, Wonder


     "What matters anymore. Not even my sister knows I exist. All she cares about is her wine. She's a f*ing mess like everything else in my life. I wish mom were here to give me a kiss when I scraped my knee, or when dad would fix my bike when my tires went flat."


     "Nathan is a handful I can't control. He can't see that I'm doing this all for us not just for me. I've had 3 breakdowns in the past week and I just want to implode. If I can barely handle Nathan, house bills, food, my job how can I go back to college? I need a drink. Badly"


Long Road Home

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