30 Minutes Can Feel Like Forever

November 29, 2016
By gotta_love_writing BRONZE, Springfield, Virginia
gotta_love_writing BRONZE, Springfield, Virginia
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"Cinderella didn't ask for a prince. She asked for a dress and a night off."


       15 year old Isla never imagined she would see her bully at the pool with her best friend. Especially when her bully is her best friend's girlfriend. Daniel never knew what was going on behind closed doors at school. He never expected to see someone's brains on a dashboard. Or have to witness the death of a person. Or two people. Brooke never cared what happened to Isla, until she was all Daniel cared about. 

      Amputation. Amnesia. Panic attacks. Surgery. Many things can go wrong in  30 seconds. But how about 30 minutes? 


30 Minutes Can Feel Like Forever

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