Lost and Found

June 11, 2016
By alex_kelley13, Stratham, New Hampshire
alex_kelley13, Stratham, New Hampshire
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The story of love is different for everybody. Thomas and Lily's love story is described as love at first sight. They both have never felt the emotion of love before, mostly because of their home lives. Thomas feels that his father's goal in life is to make him miserable. His father beats his mother and Thomas never had the courage to help her, which he deeply regrets. Lily's home life is more neglect. Her mother is out drinking all day and night, never truely making a connection with her daughter. Her father is a drunk who basically lives on the couch and beats Lily any chance he gets. Lily is forced to move to Cincinnati, Ohio which at first is torture but, once she meets the love of her life, the move could not get any better. Meeting each other is the happiest thing they have ever felt but that never fixes the true problem in their lives, their parents.


Lost and Found

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