Wolves: A Tokyo Ghoul Story

April 24, 2017
By GabrielJWarren, Winter Park, Florida
GabrielJWarren, Winter Park, Florida
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When Ghouls runs around in a city unchecked, people die. Until now, the Ghoul activity in Los Angeles has been low. When two dangerous Ghouls begin trying to claim the city for themselves, the Comission of Counter Ghoul (C.C.G) is called in to handle the problem. Among the C.C.G personel is Emily Thompson, one of the best investiagtors the C.C.G has. She is sent along with the rest of her "Bravo Squad", to investiagate reports of a Ghoul killing spree caused by one of the two city dominators, a Ghoul who goes by the alias "Spider". Emily quickly finds out that the only Ghoul who oposes to the killing that the Spider is causing is another Ghoul who goes by the alias "Wolf". The Wolf has openly stated that he is AGAINST killing humans, and Emily would learn that when she comes face to face with him for the first time. Instead of a hate for all Ghouls taking over her, after listening to his story for a bit, she develops feelings for the Ghoul. This may not end well for anyone, especially Emily, who quickly discovers how horrible Spider can be. Emily and the Wolf make a pact to take him down, together.

Gabriel W.

Wolves: A Tokyo Ghoul Story

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