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By Anonymous

There are 20 other students sitting around me in my study hall. I write as quickly as I can. It is as if my life depends on what I get down on the page before my first class star...

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By Anonymous
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alyssaroberts BRONZE, Long Island, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"No." -Rosa Parks

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By RantinBlanton_ BRONZE
Nicholasville, Kentucky
RantinBlanton_ BRONZE, Nicholasville, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
The best among us will learn from the mistakes of the past, while the rest of us are doomed to repeat them.

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By Emily Bihl
Robbinsville, NJ
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Meredith Ketzler BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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abigaylerose93 BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
I believe to succeed is to cry and laugh, love and learn, but to do it giving it all you have.

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By SydneyEstherThier SILVER
Harrisonburg, Virginia
SydneyEstherThier SILVER, Harrisonburg, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
There is nothing to writing. You sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

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By TheGoodWood BRONZE
Granbury, Texas
TheGoodWood BRONZE, Granbury, Texas
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By Unknown
Unknown, Unknown

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