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By Anonymous

   It was the last day of basketball camp for me. It had been going through five days of pain, sweat and torture; for what? The reason is for the knowledge that I DID IT!

I had started a week of Dave Cowens Basketball Camp on Sunday. I was completely out of shape. By the end of this week I could barely walk and every muscle in my body was in pain from over-use and not enough rest, but it felt good!

My team, the Bulls, had only lost one game the whole week. On the last day, during the morning session, we played a make-up game which was our only loss. We made it to the finals because we had the best record. After a one hour break for lunch, our coach worked us as hard as he could for three hours straight. My knees were in so much pain I could barely go up and down stairs, but I would not let this pain interfere with my playing.

At the final game, the other 11 players on my team played as hard as we could that night. Sweat was pouring from every inch of our bodies. All our clothes were soaked through. We were playing the best game of any of our lives. At the end, we won. We didn't end up getting anything for accomplishing this except in our own memories and in our hearts. We will never forget this week of "torture." L

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