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Nat'l Student Leadership Conference - Law & Advocacy: The Trial I in American University - Washingto

July 24, 2011
By ThisBreRulezYouSonnn BRONZE, Wake Forest, North Carolina
ThisBreRulezYouSonnn BRONZE, Wake Forest, North Carolina
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Soooo, you received that letter in the mail, stating that you were invited to attend the NSLC? First, congratulations! You are most likely one of the best and the brightest students around! And when you get here, you'll know it.

The program has been running for twenty-two years and has reached an international level. There are different programs, such as (but not limited to) International Diplomacy, Mastering Leadership, Education & the Classroom, and Communications. Not all programs take place at American University. Some programs are at Chicago University and it's over-night stay. There's a Law & Advocacy program at Chicago U and American U. The main point of the program, I believe, was that we would be trained to practice law and our test would be the mock trial. They teach us primarily about evidence, the process of court, and court etiquette. If you want to feel what it's like to actually practice law, this was a great program! At American U, girls are on one floor, boys are on the other floor. There are floors in between. There's two to a room. Guy RAs are on the same floor as the guys, girl RAs are on the same floor as the girls. There are bathrooms and laundry machines on the floors. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are given and you have the option to order pizza or chines food. You don't have to stay in the cafeteria all day, you can get take-out and go to your room. There's a library where you can use a computer and you can print things out. You have the option to take a class for college credit, which I recommend. I heard that it's good! They supply what they supply, there are no surprises. It's on the form :)

Washington, D.C. is kind of a jungle. Be careful if you're going to drive to American University, because the streets can be confusing if your not a native or if it's your first time in the city. The rooms are kind of small. When I went to lunch, the cooks and workers were RUDE, but don't let any of that stuff kick you.

Although the cooks and workers in the cafeteria can be rude, the food is delicious! There's plenty to choose from and you can get as many plates or drinks as you want during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And there's a McDonald, convenience store, and a Subway on campus that you can go to.

Washington, D.C. is magical, in and out of NSLC. We were able to visit the National Mall, Museums, statues, and monuments and we were able to take pictures and venture off. None of us had any problem exploring D.C. There's a lot of history and beauty to it. There are great colleges there, like Howard University, Georgetown, George Washington U, and American University, which is gorgeous and has great political science and international affairs programs!

The students that attend NSLC are the BEST of the BEST--smart, friendly, non-judgmental, and outgoing. You could end up making a life-long friend there! And the TAs (camp counselors) are extraordinary. They're made up of college grads who practiced mock-trials and most of them are headed off to the law school in the Fall. They're supportive, smart, trustworthy, and extremely kind so if you have any questions about law or college or anything in general, you can ask them without fear of judgement or persecution.

The best part of NSLC: Law & Advocacy is that it's not just about Law. It's also leadership-in-depth. It doesn't teach you how to run a club or anything, but it teaches you how to be a leader and how to function in society. For example, your taught how to communicate, appropriate topics v. inappropriate topics, teamwork, and, most importantly, who you CAN be.

So, while your there, re-invent yourself. Learn a trick or two. Make a friend. Strengthen yourself. Challenge the world. It can happen at NSLC ;)

The author's comments:
I attended NSLC: L & A from July 1st-10th in the year of 2011! :)

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