Undetale on PC

February 20, 2018
By Anonymous

In the year 201X after the war between monsters and humans, you find yourself as a human who’s world just might take a twist. The game Undertale is a 16-bit game of a human falling into the underground through the mouth of Mt. Ebot. In this land you find monsters such as Froggit, Undyne, Sans, and Papyrus. This game is an indie made game that isn’t supposed to be taken lightly. The game is made purposefully hard fooling the player. The game has exceptional gameplay and storylines. The movement of the characters give it that retro game vibe and so do the graphics. The soundtrack is good but the controls could be better. I would recommend this game to those who are experienced in dodging games because it gets very intense as the game goes in. I would rate it an 8/10. In conclusion I give this game a good rating because of its exceptional works and good gameplay.

The author's comments:

I liked playing this game so I made a game review of it

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