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Animal Crossing: City Folk

January 31, 2009
By Anonymous

Touted as the well awaited sequel to 'Animal Crossing: Wild World' and the original Animal Crossing, the game 'Animal Crossing: City Folk' is a game well worth the price. You play it on the Nintendo Wii, and can take advantage of the Wii's 'Nintendo Wi-Fi to communicate and play with others over the internet.

In City Folk, you play as the only human in a town full of walking, talking, and sometimes sassy animals whom you interact with in a number of ways. There is only a very loose storyline, which consists of the town's solitary businessman/animal, Tom Nook giving you a house and you paying off your debt. Although this sounds boring and simpleminded, you have the opportunity to shun this and live fine, albeit with a very, very cramped house for the game. See, you choose to, instead of using your money (called bells) to pay off your loan, you can buy furniture and other mementos.

Up until this point, this game is much like its preceders. Then, the game designers came up with the idea to add a city. So you take the bus to the big city, no biggie. Wrong. In the city, there is a black market, Redd's, an auction house, a house evaluation business, a mime theater, and much more, including 'the best hairdresser in the wide, furry world'. All the cities are the same on every console (unlike the towns, those are randomly generated), to give a sense of connection, but you cannot meet another player in the city.

With all that, many other quirks, including fishing, numerous contests, and balloon messages, 'Animal Crossing, City Folk' is sure to bring out the gaming animal in you. The 'RPGness' is addicting, and it a quick, easy way to start a new life.

The author's comments:
Animal Crossing: City Folk is a very in-depth, well thought out game.

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gaming girl said...
on Nov. 4 2009 at 11:08 am
oh it was tottally good i loved how you could make your own designs that was cool