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Enter the Werehog

December 16, 2008
By Anonymous

sonic unleashed is an action game which features the blue loveable hedgehog we now as Sonic the Hedgehog. In this game, sonic is just trying to stop Dr. Eggman once again, but in his quest, the round docter traps him with a new machine, sapping super sonic's energy and firing a laser at the Earth, spliting it apart and unleashing an ancient beast. However, that isn't all it unleashed. it let out sonic's anger and rage, turning him into Sonic the Werehog. The gameplay really realeses sonic's true speed, unlike the other games where you are only a little bit faster than average enemys. the werehog gameplay is awesome, with all the combos and just mashing your enemies is fun. any sonic fan should get this game, you will love it.

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The werehog isn't because of Sonic's anger being released, it's Dark Gaia going into him.