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Total War Rome 2 on PC

November 20, 2013
By Anonymous

With Creative Assembly’s newest title “Total War Rome 2” which many have been anticipated for months since they announced it, has been a huge disappointment. This game seems to have everything going against it, from the quality to the mechanics, Total War Rome 2 falls short this time around. Bugs and other broken elements within the game makes it unplayable and is only made worse by the desync of the co-op in the multiplayer. This maybe the worst game Creative Assembly has released in recent years.

First, lets start with the pros of this game which is very few since it seems like the company took a step backwards instead of forward. The grand scale of the game is unprecedented compared to other Total War games. The map stretches from the British Isles to the far Middle East. The overall learning curve is cut down due to the simplified system which may make people happy or the complete opposite. The Graphics and the variety of units are improved with hundred of new units flooding in. There many other pros to this game, but many of them are not significant enough of broken because of the bugs and glitches that affects them.
Next, the cons of this game and let me tell you there are so much, that I have to keep it short and touch on the major problems that plague this game. First, the poor optimisation of the game made people with high end computers, lag and stutter from just panning the camera and when in battle, it also lags due to the amount of soldiers on the field fighting at once and then comes the dreaded multiplayer. At release, the typical multiplayer where players battle one another one on one seemed fine, but the co-op was a complete utter joke. When I was player my friend during a co-op campaign, we desync twice in different games and sometimes it seems like the game stops completely in between turns and crashes. This never happened with Total War Shogun 2 which was a the previous installment within the series, so why should it happen to us now? I thought they would have fixed the problems from the last game, but they didn’t and probably made the game worse.
With all that said, theres is nothing more frustrating than to see a company use their funding to hype up their game and when it comes time to release, they don’t live up to it. The game itself seems rushed and they think that patching it would make the game better which is seems to me that they released a pre-alpha and expect everyone to buy it in the game’s incomplete state. I really want to love this game and so does millions of other fans of the total war series, but Total War Rome 2 is an utter joke and a huge disappointment to the company. If i were to rate it on a scale, it would probably be like a two or three, maybe a four after patches made to the game.

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