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Oblivion: elder scrolls 4

December 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Bethesda has done it again. After the release of Morrowind they began the creation of Oblivion. This time you are on the Imperial island of Cyridl.
Like all games it starts with a mini clip. This will tell you a little about the game. Like in Morrowind you will start out as a prisoner, you will have to design your character out of seven races. After you are done you will have to listen to a small bit of dialogue from another prisoner. He is a NPC (None playable character) so you will see him again later. As he finishes you will hear footsteps coming, these belong to the emperor (Uriel Septim) followed by his bodyguards (the Blades). They will enter your cell and the emperor will tell you that his sons have been assassinated, and he is next.

They will open a secret passage that leads to an escape rout for him. This is you will get a tutorial on how to fight, walk and use magic. After the five minute tutorial you will catch up with the emperor. They will finally lead you to were the emperor gives you the amulet of kings but is then assinated.
You will exit the prisons and have to go find a person named Jaffure. You can fast travel or walk to the priory were he is located when you arive Jaffure will tell you that the last remaining air ( Martine) who lives in the city of Katch. Of course the city has been destroyed by the dadera. That is all I’m telling about the game, if tou want to know more get the game yourself enjoy!

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You spelled a lot of words incorrectly and this was less of a review and more of a "hey, guys, here's the plot of the game:" Try to write about what's good and what's bad about the game as a whole, rather than just telling the reader the plot that they can easily look up on wikipedia.