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By Kelsi Baker BRONZE
Kingfisher, Oklahoma

Nitro circus premired recently and I watched it and got a kick out of it. Reckless guys and thrill seeking girls would absoulutely adore it. There is minor language, but its not th...
Kelsi Baker BRONZE, Kingfisher, Oklahoma
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By Kelly Caputo BRONZE
East Setauket, New York
Kelly Caputo BRONZE, East Setauket, New York
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By TeamRadkeBabe BRONZE
Canton, Georgia
TeamRadkeBabe BRONZE, Canton, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
'Thats a gross miss use of van'- Kelso

metFANatic1206 BRONZE, New City, New York
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By zaymohgiedoughie SILVER
Brooklyn, New York
zaymohgiedoughie SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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Favorite Quote:
my favorite is red

By DoctorWhoHobbits SILVER
Lakeside, California
DoctorWhoHobbits SILVER, Lakeside, California
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Favorite Quote:
A pessimist is never disappointed.

Tricia Kersten BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
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By Kaitlyn T.
West Granby, CT
By winonapaez BRONZE
Miami Beach, Florida
winonapaez BRONZE, Miami Beach, Florida
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By Unknown
Unknown, Unknown