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Two and a Half Men

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

It is a Monday night and time to watch the best sitcom on television. Two and a Half Men. Tune in at 7:30 on Fox every Monday night. The two hilarious brothers, Allen and Charlie, both at mid age and still live in the same house. Allen’s son, Jake, is a dumb young kid that asks way too many questions that he shouldn’t. Two and a Half Men is a must watch sitcom because every episode has a problem that is a little over dramatized, the characters are hilarious in their own ways, and the two brothers are always bickering about girls, food, etc…

Every episode has a little problem that is built up into a huge catastrophe and is solved at the end. In one episode, Charlie wants to go to Las Vegas with them. They end up staying home and decide to go another time. Charlie could have gone by himself but proves himself a good uncle as he stays home with Allen and Jake.

The characters are also good. Of course Allen plays the divorced dad that never has any money because he has to give it to his ex-wife. Charlie is rich, not married, and gets all the women. Jake is Allen’s dumb son that barely passes through his school work.

The writing is also a huge advantage Two and a Half Men has over all of the other sitcoms. Allen and Charlie argue about something new every episode. Jake says some funny, unexpected remark. Charlie also has a new girlfriend every episode making his brother jealous. The show is very unpredictable which helps me prove my point in this review.

Two and a Half Men is the best sitcom on television right now. There is strong writing, the characters are comical, and the problems are hilarious. I strongly recommend anyone 12 or older to watch this show.

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