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Back to the 70s

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Far out, that’s cool, radical, well that’s the way they talk isn’t it? Well That’s 70’s show is groovy, hip. Well there’s a lot of friends hanging out in Erick’s basement. They “chill” downstairs , “they’re all right.” The T.V. sitcom That 70’s stands out from the pack because the plot will draw your attention, the characters are believable and fun, acting even though they aren’t family and they came together and support each other.
Between Erick and Donna’s relationship and the parents relationship, and how friends come and practically live in the basement. The characters are funny, the way they act as so they hate each other. But when one gets in trouble they come and help. So they really are just one big happy family.
Erick’s one of the main characters, but he is in love with another girl named Donna and wait it gets better he wants to marry her!!! But she’s not sure if she wants to marry him, she is one of those people that want to live there live to the fullest. She doesn’t want to be tied down. She wants to be free, free as the wind blows well never mind. She wants to go to college and see if she can find anyone else “her type” and she thinks that she might be able to fall into a deeper love than she is with Erick.
They play off each other well. They are also funny the way they play off each other. They communicate with each other, like for example one minute there happy and the next they are sad then the next they are mad like its all natural. They can defend each other well and make it sound like they are natural. That is the best part about the show is the acting.
The setting is most of the time in Erick’s house. Well its in Erick’s parents house. He is too lazy to get his own house. Or he just wants to party all the time and to hang with friends. It sometimes at Donna’s dads house. Sometimes not very often it is in the noon time, morning and in mid-day, and at night.
The sitcom That 70’s show is a loveable, most of the time kid friendly show, of course with parents permission. Because of language and sexual content, sometimes rude humor, but very amusing. That 70’s Show is funny and will keep you watching because the plot, characters, acting, and setting. When your finished watching your stomach will be hurting because of you laughing so much. It will keep you coming back for more, with their natural sounding humor, and their loving family being there for each other.

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