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According to Jim

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Have you ever watched a sitcom that brought tears to your eyes from laughing so hard? If not, According to Jim is the one for you. According to Jim is a show that is mostly about Jim and his wife Cheryl always getting in an argument. Jim is always lying but he says it’s not lying it’s just not telling you. This show mostly takes place at Jim’s house. According to Jim is a hysterical show because Jim is crazy acting, Jim and his brother in-law comes up with weird ideas, and Cheryl is always trying to get Jim to confess to the things he does.

Jim’s brother in-law Andy finds Jim’s wedding ring in his front yard and takes it to Cheryl. Cheryl makes cupcakes and said everyone has to make a confession before they get a cupcake. Jim confesses about something and Cheryl puts the ring in the cupcake and Jim sits there and looks at it then eats the ring and cupcake at the same time. The next day Jim goes to the bathroom and when he’s done he gets the ring out and cleans it off.

Jim and Andy like to come up with weird ideas. They made a human sling-shot up on the roof of Jim’s house. They were slinging balloons full of pee at someone’s car trying to make it in the sun roof. Cheryl wants to nail Jim for loosing his wedding ring and Andy wants to use a bat to beat him but Cheryl won’t let him.
When Cheryl made cupcakes and told everyone they had to tell a secret before they got one she leans in toward Jim in a smart-alecky way as a sign to let him know that she knows about the ring. Jim said he lost hope on the roof that day. Instead of saying he lost the ring. When Jim said that Cheryl threw her arms up because that’s not what she wanted to him to say.

According to Jim is a hilarious sitcom because Jim acts silly all the time, Jim and Andy make up weird ideas, and Jim is always doing things that Cheryl tries to get him to confess too. According to Jim is the funniest outstanding sitcom that you should watch. Its funnier and is a whole lot better than other sitcoms.

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