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Hannah Montana

November 27, 2007
By Anonymous

Would you like to live a double-life as a celebrity and an everyday regular person? Well, Miley Stewart lives everyday being Miley and Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus). (Everyday, 7:00 pm, Disney channel) She deals with the twists and turns of this lifestyle. Sometimes these twists are for her benefit and at other times there not. Hannah Montana is an over all good show because of the plot, characters, and the acting.

The main plot of Hannah Montana is that she faces a problem and then she over comes that struggle. Miley becomes agitated because everyone at her school is focusing on Jake Ryan (Cody Linely) (even her best friend Lilly (Emily Osment) likes him). She becomes disgusted when Jake asks her to the school dance. After turning Jake down, she discovers that Hannah Montana has to act in an episode of his show. Not only does she find out that she has to act with him, she also has to KISS him! Before she starts to acting she tells the director, “I’d rather plant one on the pooch”. While making this episode she starts discovering that she actually likes Jake. Then, he asks Lilly to the dance, and Miley and Lilly start fighting over him. Miley shows up at the disco dance in a gorgeous homecoming gown. When Jake see’s her he says, “Wow, you look beautiful Miley”. Lilly replies, “Oh yeah, well I think she looks like a fire truck”. The girls start fighting over him again until they get pushed into some food and fruit punch. They come to their senses and start talking. Miley tells Lilly, “I hurt my best friend for a guy, I’m so sorry Lilly”. Then they dance together the rest of the night.

As a character of Hannah Montana, Miley plays well off of others. It’s interesting to see how well she can place herself as having a double-life. Then watching to see how Hannah reacts to solving these surprising wrong turns. Also for parents to watch Robbie Stewart (Billy Ray Cyrus) in this show, not only be an outstanding manager, but to be a great father. He relates to his daughter because he once lived this double-life himself.
In this particular sitcom, the characters have a great deal of chemistry. The characters are comfortable around each because they are friends and family in reality. They’re not afraid to give goofy faces, say wacky lines, or just to be themselves. Their acting can be related to many other families and friends.

Between the story-line, the actors, and the performances, Hannah Montana is a good show. When you get some free time, you should watch this TV sitcom. The characters are great together and each episode has a themed lesson. Just in this episode it teaches you about the importance of friendship. Many more lessons are to be learned.

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