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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Can you figure out who your real friends are? The six friends Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Febe have great relationships with one another. On the sitcom Friends, (TBS, weekdays, 6:00 pm), the best friends have constant conflicts to solve. The Central Perk and Monica’s apartment in New York City is where the problems can be resolved. The sitcom Friends stands out because the characters are comical, the acting relates to real life, and the writing is unique.

The character, Joey, is very comical. He has something hysterical to say. On one episode, he makes a comment, “this isn’t going to be the second time I loose a girl because of counting”. Which his acting makes others have a comical reaction. In the same episode, Rachel makes a fool of her self. She tends to have “blonde moments”, and assumes that her boss wants to kiss her. The storyline always has hilarious dialogue and the characters are real.
Unlike others, Friends relates to real life. In an episode, Monica and Febe have a conflict about who has the best relationship between the two. Also in almost every episode, Ross and Rachel always have relationship problems. You can just see your self in their positions, and that’s what makes it so real. The sitcom has realistic settings.
Because the characters are humorous, the writing is original. The writing is original because they have a different real life situations, and themes such as Everybody Loves Raymond. Friends is based on friend situations, and not family situations. An example of originality from an episode where Joey and Ross are unaware they like the same girl. There is no other sitcom relating to this situation.
Despite the conflicts, or situations the characters may face, they are comical, Friends seems like real life, and the writing is unlike any other sitcom. TBS should keep running the T.V sitcom Friends because it is everyone’s favorite sitcom. This show shouldn’t be passed up!

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