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GLee Review

October 19, 2010
By BeccaLynn GOLD, Milwaukie, Oregon
BeccaLynn GOLD, Milwaukie, Oregon
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Glee has become a very popular TV show. It is about a group of happy go lucky singing teens at a high school. When this first came out, to me it was a joke. A mockery of talent and TV.
It is now in the second season and I watched about two of the last season. Some people might say that you have to watch the whole thing to like it..

NO this is not lost I can pick up in the middle of the season and have NO lag what so ever. All you need to know is that the one guys gay and she had a baby.. Thats it. But this is not where my review ends.
Besides it being a bad TV show that a peice of my soul goes away everytime I watch it.. It is catchy. The songs they pick are good (sometimes) and the simplicity of the plot is easy to follow. So I finally did it I sat down to watch a full show of GLee without making fun of it. Mind you it was a hard task. But after 3 episodes I finally did it.. I watched an episode of GLee and it was horribul.
Next week I did it again I watched the whole thing. And it has kept getting better and better. I am not saying that I am a 'Gleek' but I would say it is something to look into.

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Any Gleeks out there.. PLease don't be mad at me..

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