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Family Guy

January 30, 2009
By Andy Smith BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
Andy Smith BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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Family Guy is a hilarious tv cartoon about a weird family in Quahog, Rhode Island. The show may be inappropriate for younger children but it has good intentions. There are 6 major characters. There is the youngest son named Stewie Griffen who is a baby who wants global domination. Also there is the middle daughter Meg Griffen, who works at the local convenient store and is embarrassed about her father. The oldest son, Chris, is a chubby, high school student and accompanies his dad for all his behavior. Peter, the dad is a reckless, asinine, father who is chubby like his son and has random 'adventures' with his friends from the bar. Lois is the mom and tries to stop Peter from all his doltish behavior. Lastly there is Brian, he is the family dog but he speaks and is Stewie's best friend and helps Peter with anything he needs. Family guy is on season 6 and is a show full of laughs. Some people think it is too inappropriate to be seen but it is on Cartoon Network and is not that bad. Overall this show is a classic in the making and should be watched by anyone who loves good lampoon.

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