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SpongeBob- Absorbent, Yellow, AND Porous!

April 17, 2009
By Kit-Kat SILVER, Nashua, New Hampshire
Kit-Kat SILVER, Nashua, New Hampshire
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Okay, for all you out there, in the big, wide world, who don’t like SpongeBob, I know exactly why. Because it is a weird, and I exaggerate WEIRD, show. But deep down, you know you love talking sponges and starfish, right? SpongeBob is the classic Nick Toon that will never, EVER be old, because as dumb as it is, it is funny and even educational (it has its morals, right?!)

So, for those people who are uneducated about the wonder that is SpongeBob (those very few people who don’t watch Nickelodeon or didn’t in the past, I mean), it is about a sponge named Bob (shocker) who is a minimum-wage fry cook at the restaurant, the Krusty Krab. He is highly misunderstanding about many things, especially privacy and how not-to-be-a-nucience. He pals around Bakini Bottom, his neighborhood, with Patrick Star, a pink starfish named Patrick (once again, shocker). Patrick can easily be summed up into three words- dumb, entertaining, and hungry. Yah, not the greatest combination of traits, but doesn’t it work when you are trying to entertain comedy- hungry people? So, back to the overview of things; SpongeBob, our antagonist, is your typical nerdy yet awesome twenty-year-old. He has no girl, no huge aspirations (except for being a fry-cook), and is comic-book obsessed. And, yet, the adventures never stop!

This show is a classic cartoon, the kind that was a crucial part of my childhood and will never be forgotten. The episodes range from fifteen minutes of JUST tying shoes to a complicated ray of events that leads to getting rich off of candy-bar sales. But, if you are familiar with SB, you will realize that I just mentioned two of the older episodes. It is sad, but true, that as SB comes out with new episodes and movies, they just get less and less charming. That is how it goes with many old TV shows- they just run out of episode ideas!

At least we still have the old SBob, who appears on any of the Nickelodeon channels at varying times. He rocks so much, it is a shame that he just isn’t the same Bob he used to be! So be on the look out for the older episodes, rather than the brandy-new ones (you can tell because in the older and best episodes, the animation was a little less executed, a little less perfect and exact; the colors seemed to vary more in all the lines, and the colors were more mixed. Yah, you might not get it, but I know you will when you compare two different episodes. IT IS DIFFERENT!)

As a conclusion, I can just say that authentic SpongeBob may be the most ingenious cartoon to ever pop into the heads of the brainy Nickelodeon staff members. The older episodes are not quite as good, charming, or authentic, but all around, how can you go wrong with a talking sponge, right?

The author's comments:
Spongebob is a never-dye-out classic that deserves praise for its ingeniousness! And though many are opposed to its brilliance, I say it rocks, no matter what!

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i like the article. i was once fighting with a kid in my school. The argument was, "Which channel is better? Nickelodeon, or Disney?" i got some of my friends onboard, and we all agreed that Nick has better shows than Disney right now. Disney had decent shows back in 2000-2005, but now, they just aren't as good. By the way, i like how you say 'SBob'. lol